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More Info On The Shoot Down Of Mh17

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I realize in posting this that few will read the whole thing due to it's technical nature and it's length.  I also realize that many have their minds made up as to what occurred that day because of what the U.S. government and the U.S. media has been has been printing and showing on TV.   I will post it anyway in hopes that some will manage to finish it and reflect on it's content with an open mind.

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Are you talking about the conspiracy theories about it being the previous plane that disappeared?  I read up on that...don't think it's feasible though.  Especially disposing of alllllll the bodies from both flights.

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It may be years before the truth is known. Governments follow their father the devil, and even more-so during times of war and intrigue. Even when they know the truth, even when others tell the truth, they will lie for the sake of propaganda in trying to have their way.


In World War One when the Germans sunk the Lusitania America and England cried over a passenger ship being sunk. The Germans pointed out the ship was carrying ammunition and the Allies denied it even though they knew the truth. America and England had willingly placed passengers in harms way by carrying war supplies on a passenger ship. They denied responsibility and the truth was hidden for years.


In Word War Two when the Germans went to war against the Soviet Union they discovered the Katyn Massacre. The Soviets had rounded up Polish leaders, some 20,000 or so if memory serves, and executed them, dumping them in mass graves. The Germans were careful to archive their findings, filming what they found, and reported the atrocity to the world. America and England chose to cover for that wicked communist Stalin, even though they knew the truth, and declare "Uncle Joe" innocent while blaming the Germans and claiming they were trying to frame the Soviets.


What is really going on over there, what really happened with the plane? If the truth comes out there will be those who label it "conspiracy theory", which means if the truth is there, it still may be years before it's realized and accepted.


One thing is certain, if America and the EU were not such hypocrites and had not meddled in the internal affairs of Ukraine, the plane incident likely would have never occurred and we wouldn't have a mini-civil war going on in eastern Ukraine or have thousands of Russian troops poised on the border.


Not to fear, America and the EU are not total hypocrites for even while they make a mess of other nations, they are also making a mess of their own nations as well.

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