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Seriously? You Closed That Thread?

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The sin nature thread? Closed? Why?? If you ask me it was getting interesting and was no where near being finished.

Chispas! I tell ya, some times you mods are too hasty.

You´re only contribution is to come after a few days and not like the gist of it?? Really brother!!??


Open it back up.


No one was out of line, and if we can´t handle a poor doctrine we should close up shop. Some of us can´t answer every day, so every few weeks we come in and want to to say soemthing.


If you ask me, it was John81 and NN that were getting silly and disrespectful. It wasn´t winman.


God bless,


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First of all, no one ordered you to do anything. An secondly, I wasn´t responding to any question form you. I was stating my opinion. And if you´re gonna get snippy about it, sounds like a personal prOBlem, not mine.


And SFC, the disrespectful comment was about the last few personal jabs thrown out on the thread, learn to read with some contextual comprehension. Always with the myopic statements this one.

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First of all, the statement "Open it back up" - taken directly from your OP - is written in the form of an order.  Had you added please, it might not have been taken as such.


Secondly, I never said you were responding to a question. But your OP was addressed to me as the closer of the thread - and you did state "if you ask me"...


Thirdly, I didn't get snippy, but your OP certainly was snippy.  And that's my opinion.   :icon_smile:


Winman wasn't only being disrespectful. He was being blasphemous and then added mockery of those who pointed out his error on top of it.  I truly am sorry that you don't like that the thread was closed before you could add to it (I kinda find it ironic that you accuse me of my only contribution being to close it while you state that some can only come on here every so often...I don't think I missed the rule that mods only close threads after they've contributed to them a certain number of times).


And, yes, sometimes mods are too hasty. Sometimes they are too slow.  We just can't please all the members all the time. 


You have stated your displeasure at the thread being closed.  Thank you for your input.  But this thread has come to the end of its usefulness.  So, prOBably in too much haste in your opinion, this thread is also closed.  Feel free to begin another thread on original sin if you so desire. Just know that if it goes the direction of the last one, it, too, will be closed.  Have a good day.

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