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    Tired of all the fighting that goes on in facebook groups? Are you ready for a community where you can talk about things of God and the Bible without getting branded a heretic? Well, we are glad you found us. Why don't you give us a try and see how friendly and different we are. - BroMatt

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Question For Matt Or Any Moderators

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I know that it has been a while since I have activly participated in the forums, but whenever i apply to seek permission to join one I keep getting denied becaise I "don't meet the minumum requirements. What are the minimum requirements?

BOB Wilson

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IFB Biblical Issues and IFB Lounge. Here is a screen shot of what I get.


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Sorry, you cannot apply.
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Accepted: Validating, Members.
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29-November 05
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  • You do not meet our minimal requirements.
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    • By pilgrimspen
      Hi everyone.. guess you remember me to all those who posted in the thread that I started wayback.
      Im back! still the same as before...
      Well, the guy that I've mentioned (still the same guy 2014). Well, here's an update. Our pastor and his wife invited us for a chat. Since they're concerned about me since Im a member of our church, and the guy that I like (he's studying in a bible college taking up masteral, by faith because his savings went to different people who asked for his help that they will borrow his money and return it when they're able to pay him, he sold his small business because it is not God honoring according to him, and he's changing his ways). At present he's unemployed he doesn't want to get a job because he can't manage a full-time job because according to him, he's studying and does part-time/volunteer preaching in our church (sometimes he's invited in neighboring churches).
      My question is should I wait for him even if I know marriage is not his priority, but he told me if I'll meet his standard of loving God first, then maybe he'll consider me. Plus I need to fix an issue about my family that is important to him. He's not looking for a relationship because he told me his vocation is his priority. If God will give him a partner it must met his standard (a God first woman, and someone who's matured spiritually). I admit I lack those criteria, or have fallen short because I'm just a newly professed Christian I was baptized 4 yrs. ago. 
      At present he knows that I like him, and I am helping him financially, for his studies and for his things in school like gadgets. He also emphasized to me that if ever God will send him a partner the woman must be willing to be a bread-winner because he'll do full time ministry. I can't explain everything here. Anyway, should I kill my feelings for him, (coz' I have sacrificed a lot), also he's staying in my family's house because its near our church and the place of his classmate where he used to stay before is quite far. We are really like brothers and sisters. And I know most of his personal life. vice-versa
      He has helped me a lot, taught me Christian studies. Should I wait? Continue praying? or simply forget him? (He was in a failed relationship 5 times and the last was a hard blow) So his criteria is really hard. 
    • Guest Joshua Berndt
      By Guest Joshua Berndt
      Please tell me of your issues where you have found something that seems like it is a contradiction in the Bible or a passage that gives you a problem. I can try to answer it. I may already know the answer. For years, I have researched these and I like to study Biblical archaeology and the Israeli ancient culture, which often gives answers to these issues. There are NO errors in the King James Version. It is always reader error or ignorance of the issue(s) involved. When I couldn't find an answer, I tried to put it on the "back burner" and wait, in faith, for an answer.

      Please note that if others have asked me questions and several are piling up, to wait until I have answered them to add your own. That way I don't get swamped. Thanks.
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