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Can't Ever Happen, Right?

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It matters not that some like to compare war to a game of chess, it is a horrible plague upon mankind.  Once embarked upon by a bunch of glib politicians and glory seeking generals the end is known only to God.  I am afraid the American people are being badly informed by their government and government controlled media about what America's real plans for the future are.  Why are our armed forces really in Europe and Asia?  I don't think we the people are told the real truth about what is going on in Ukraine. 


However the Russians seem to have no doubt and I pretty much agree with their assessment.  Here is one of Putin's advisers giving his opinion.  His opinion ought to make certain people in Washington (those who are not mad) a little nervous, but I am not sure it will.  They seem intent upon war. 


Take 10 minutes and watch the video.  It is subtitled in English, but easy to read.




Good bless,


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There is no doubt Americans are very much in the dark about what's going on around the world. With all that's going on in the world every major media outlet reports on the exact same few places, people and things. Simple logic would dictate that if the American news media were interested in actually reporting news there would be competition to get the freshest reports, get to the facts others are not, report from areas others are ignoring, and such like. Yet in America where we have 24/7 news channels each network focuses upon the same handful of stories from the same angle and then repeat themselves over and over again each 24 hour cycle.


When the protests and such was first brought to Americans attention the media portrayed the protestors as being average citizens rightly upset with the decisions of their president. (never mind their president was legally and democratically elected and the American media would never agree average American citizens would be right to protest OBama) Yet as soon as the heavy involvement of neo-Nazis among the protestors started coming out, and finally news started leaking out that most of the protests were under direct control of the neo-nazis, the American media stopped reporting on these matters. They did the same when it became clear the EU and American covert operations were involved in funding and supplying the neo-Nazis.


Many on the so-called American Right have been all for pushing and punishing Russia since shortly after the end of the Cold War. Many on the Left have been eager to punish Putin and Russia since Putin didn't fawn all over OBama as did other European leaders and then Putin took the unpardonable steps of denouncing homosexuality and taking legal steps to prevent homosexuals from adopting and promoting their abomination.


America is governed by lost sinners with sinful hearts, goals and intentions. Is it any wonder they would be engaged in proxy wars, stealth wars, meddling in other nations, promoting evil as good and calling good evil, even to the point of supporting neo-nazis and terroristic Muslims for their own sinful ends?


The best hope at the moment for keeping America out of another war is the fact most Americans are tired of war, uninterested in involvement in another war where there is no clear American interest, broke and unwilling to go even further in debt to pay for more war.


So, while many in government on the Right and Left clamour for war, most citizens are opposed to such. Unless the government can trick the people into backing war, they won't find this an easy time to get America into another war.

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CNN has been pumping the guts out of the MH17 story.  I was at the clinic for my daughters vaccinations and they had it on CNN and every story of over an hour was about the MH17.  But they are not talking about what is going on here and the prOBlems on the border or really news worthy political prOBlems the DEMS are having getting us to swallow their mire.


I kept wanting to change the channel but they ask that it not be touched.


They were really dishonoring the families and the dead by running stories on everyone on that flight.

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"Neo-Nazi" means "new Nazi". The old Nazis are gone but there are various groups of "new Nazis" in various countries of the world. They tend to hold to some aspects of Nazism, including a romanticized view of Nazi Germany. Most neo-nazis are street thugs, those looking for an excuse for rebellion, skinheads, and such.


Most often the two biggest points for neo-nazis is hatred of Jews and Communists. Their rhetoric and "fighting back" and calls for war revolve around those two points.


To the media...yes the American news media has been fixated upon filling their airtime with constant, repetitive coverage of the downed plane. From the beginning there was a rush to lay the blame upon Russia and Putin in particular. The media just can't stand the idea that Putin has never fallen for OBama's "charm" and has dared to openly not bow to OBama (that plus they consider Putin to be an evil homophOBe deserving of destruction).


America has already been invaded by 20 million illegals, is currently being invaded by thousands more each day, and has a growing number of factions within who grow farther apart and more militant with each passing year.


Rome overextended herself, fighting wars on the frontiers for no real gain, trying to distract the citizens with entertainment, all while she was being overrun by outsiders immigrating in, and as the nation rotted from within the outsiders took advantage and conquered from within.


No wonder they don't teach real history in American schools anymore. Someone might notice the similarities, learn something and try to warn and correct.

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