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Good Speech To A Bad Group

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As the European beast continues to grow ever larger and more arrogant this is one of their politicians I love to watch.  He is a member of the European parliament who likes to rock the boat a lot.  I don't know what the people of merry old England think of him but I like his style.  He has given some great speeches in recent times.  He doesn't seem to care whose feet he stomps on. 


I the video the fellow he is speaking against is seated right next to him.




God bless,


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I loved the look on the guys face sitting behind the one the speaker was talking about!


I applaud his candor and speaking the truth in a civil manner. One of the prOBlems we've had in this country is that of the few Republicans who do dare to speak out about something important either do so in an OBnoxious manner or they are such poor communicators their message gets lost.


Unfortunately, most Republicans have the habit of saying one thing and then voting and governing in another way. In America the Dems and Repubs tend to be like siblings who seem to squabble a lot but in the end they are always going the same direction.

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