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Miss Daisy

Priest Who Killed Nun Gets A Funeral Mass

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  • this was also posted in the replies on the story:


    Are you all aware that he also performed her funeral mass? This is NOT a joke. He was the lead priest at her funeral. It was a beautiful day and during the mass a sudden, violent storm came out of nowhere and actually blew the doors of the church open. There are 2 books written on this case and I have read both of them and both tell the same story of the funeral. He was originally brought in for questioning when the murder happened, but a high ranking priest, Father Jerome Schmidt and the Chief of Police, an ardent Catholic came into the interview and told the detectives questioning him that the interview was over. I am from Toledo and have studied this case thoroughly. I also spent 12 years in Catholic schools. The church as much to repent for.........

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Interesting the article doesn't say why the guy was eventually arrested and what evidence convicted him. Regardless of the articles shortcomings in giving no real clue as to the mans guilt or innocence, corruption, cover-up and carrying on as if nothing has happened is, and has been, the standard operating procedure for the RCC for many centuries.

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I've noticed their "news" is so often vague and very simply put together. We have a local news station that posts news stories and over 90% of the time it's a waste to bother reading them. Either they are in such a rush to be the first to get the story online they post a story with no real information, or they post unverified information that turns out to be false.

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That's true. Many "news" sources are and they are so OBvious about it in the way they word things and how they select what to report on and what to ignore. That's why I check out several different news sources to try and get the truth, even if in bits and pieces that I have to put together myself.

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