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Isis Map Of The World.

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ISIS are planning a caliphate under their rule which will cover most of N Africa, Spain and Portugal, Pakistan to the southern former soviet states, Eastern Europe as far as Austria.according to the Daily Mail.


Map and article here.





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Mexico has plans to either take a large slice of the American Southwest or see that area turned into a Mexican dominated new country.


China has plans to expand in Asia and the west coast of America and Canada.


Stalin and other Soviet leaders had plans mapped out for the eventual control of the world by communists.


Islam teaches that the entire world must, and will, be converted to Islam and those refusing to convert will be killed or turned into virtual (or actual) slaves.


Hitler planned a thousand year Reich while Japan planned to become a dominate colonial power in Asia modeled after the European colonial powers.


Popes have mapped out their plans to conquer the world for Catholicism.


America had Manifest Destiny.


Spain, England and others have had plans for great empires to dominate and last for centuries.


Some plans come about, at least to an extent, others don't.


A Caliphate has long been the plan of many Muslims. It wasn't that long ago when their Ottoman Empire held great sway and power. While most of the West seems to have forgotten about the Ottoman Empire, and the extent of their original goals, Muslims have not.


Also, while most of the West seems to have forgotten how Islam has tried for centuries to conquer "Christian" Europe, at times occupying significant portions of Europe, Muslims have not forgotten nor have they given up their goal. Today Europe has allowed massive Islamic immigration into their lands in the name of tolerance while Muslims look at the open doors as a means of gaining beachheads they can use to disrupt, gain power and help seize Europe from within.


What will ISIS accomplish? Hard to tell. At the moment ISIS has many enemies within Islam. They also are not that large a movement at this time. Had the Iraqi military actually stood up against them, rather than dropping their weapons and running away, ISIS couldn't have progressed as they did in Iraq.


Many people warned of this possible outcome to American interventionism in Iraq. They were ignored. Many warned again about the high prOBability of this occurring upon American withdrawal from Iraq. They were ignored.


Ironically, McCain and other warhawks who have demanded action against ISIS in Iraq, were just a short time ago advocating that America give weapons and other aid to ISIS and their allies fighting in Syria.


Hopefully the American public has enough intelligence to realize there is no winning getting involved in other families fights. What's going on in Iraq and Syria is a family fight.

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The nations on the ISIS map were all once occupied by Muslims.  And they believe that once a Muslim land, always one.  


A young British Jihadist, fighting for an Al Qaeda backed group, was interviewed on TV today and said he would not come back until he returned   with Muslim armies to place the black Muslim flag over Buckingham Palace, Parliament and Tower Bridge.


Thye Muslims eventually wiped out the Bogomils in Bulgaria and around.  They were a Baptist group according to some, or mancean heretics according to Greece and Rome.  I think the former.

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