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Genevanpreacher Says Goodbye.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

As I believe differently about the scriptures than some here, I feel I am using my time unwisely in staying where I am not useful.

So I will no longer be on Online Baptist after today. (although I may peek in every so often!)


I appreciate all who have shown sincere fellowship with me and my 'differences', and I love each of you in the Lord for your faithfulness to what your convictions are, concerning the teachings of the Lord in your own life and testimony.


This site is an honoring site for our Lord, and I know he can, and is, using it for his glory.


The Mods here are upright, just, and fair in representing their sites rules and I hold no ill will to any of them.


As for controversies that I have been involved in, I hope all involved will be at ease now and continue with their Lord's 'work' in progress.


God has a plan, we just need to adapt sometimes to a different path ahead of us, and that is what I am about to engage in.

I have learned things here that I didn't even know existed before, being a 'country preacher' as I am, and I intend to take with me

wisdom gained from my short visit here, and grow a little more into God's will and purpose for my life and his ministry

through me in other's lives.


Thank you for letting me be in your lives and in your threads, and mostly in the 'brains' of your convictions.

(there, that sounded like a country preacher didn't it?)


I would like to share a free gift for all interested.  Here - https://archive.org/details/TheGenevaBible1560


Maybe one day someone will understand 'where' I am coming from in what I believe.

I am not recommending the download, just offering it if God would care to have you see it.

It is free.


I remain your fellow companion in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Genevanpreacher, a.k.a. Russ Pittman.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Sorry that you have decided to leave and hope that you will find what you are seeking . you ask others here whom would like a free gift the Geneva Bible and left a link for it. I ask that you would do the same and get a King James Bible and study it daily.

I'm not trying to argue but I'm  just sharing the love of Jesus from my heart with you.


May the lord bless you my friend 

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