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We had a sheriff for several years that was tough on actual criminals, especially the drug makers and pushers (mainly meth in this area) but he followed the law in doing so and he was a humble and spoke to folks on an equal level. He promoted his good deputies and cracked down on the errant ones. He would go out of his way to help folks.


Unfortunately the judge that handled the drug cases didn't like the sheriff (it seems mostly because he gave the judge more work to do by arresting drug makers and pushers) and she always seemed bent upon thwarting police efforts while looking for ways to be soft on the criminals. Cases the sheriffs department worked months on which brought down meth labs, this liberal judge would search for the tiniest technicality and use that to not only rule against one point, but to toss out the entire case (once doing this because of a typo where a simple word, something like...and, the, is..., a word like that was left out in one sentence and this judge rejected everything because of that, tossed the case completely out and ordered the offenders released).


Then the State changed their rules regarding retirement and pensions which left the sheriff with the option to retire and draw the benefits he had been promised for decades or to continue in office and lose nearly 50% of his earned (and promised!) benefits by retiring after his term was completed.


We lost a good sheriff, but thankfully one of the good deputies he had promoted and helped train was elected as the new sheriff so we still have a good sheriffs department in this county. That's a real blessing because it seems most of the other counties around here have corrupt and sometimes power abusing departments.

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