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The Best People In The World

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"Once upon a time we used to have benchmarks for that sort of thing. We were the best people in the world because we would be willing to die to defend those who disagree with us. We were the best people in the world because we cured Polio. We were the best people in the world because we tolerated religious dissent. We were the best people in the world because we embraced knowledge. We were the best people in the world because we wouldn't let any government push us around."


I remember when I was a kid back in the 50s those were the things I believed.  As I grew older and saw and read and experienced ever more of the real world, I saw these benchmarks moved slowly and inexorably until they were only memory.  These benchmarks were not the way things actually were but they were the things we strived for, it is what we wanted the world to be.  Sadly it doesn't seem to be what the best people want the world to be anymore.  Makes me sad.




God bless,


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Our standard of "bestness" was the result of Christian influence out of proportion to numbers. We accepted as good for all a moral society that cared. The immoral underclass was restrained by Law. 


In the UK parliament has systematically repealed laws based on God's commandments and Christian ethics. 


We will not be replaced by a society that accepts the standards we once upheld, but by a society that overwhelms us by ruthless rejection of all Biblical morality. It's called "tribulation" - see 2 Thes 1. The believers will be vindicated when Jesus returns, while the godless will suffer the tribulation of hell. 


Whether that means a Muslim invasion or multinational business impoverishment the common people so forcing anarchy and mutual destruction (as the French revolution) OR, please God, a Methodist type revival. May God raise up faithful preachers and give them a voice to our nations. 

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Our people once set high standards but now we seek the lowest common denominator in order to make everyone "feel" equal and make everyone as alike as possible. Over half of Americans receive some form of government "welfare". If we count what is known as "corporate welfare" that percentage rises dramatically.


With no one expecting high standards the masses OBlige and sink to dismal standards in nearly every category. We have high school graduates who can barely read at a pre-school level, women (and even girls) who see nothing wrong in using their sexuality to get what they want, to manipulate people, or just for fun, men (and boys) who think it's okay to use and abuse women for fun, corporations with no national loyalty, no concern for their customers or the quality of their products, people who would be willing to kill a human in order to save an eagle egg while calling abortion a "choice" and the baby a blOB of nothing, generations who only do enough to "get by", many with no greater ambition than to make it through the week so they can get drunk and enjoy a sin filled weekend, morality and religion seen as weaknesses or personal choices of little consequence since "all religion is the same" and "what's right for me is all that matters".


In the Western nations Christianity has been and is being specifically rejected in favor of secular humanism, religion mixing or accepting any religion except Christianity.


Our light shines brightest in the darkness but it also makes us a more clear target.

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