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Glenn Beck Invokes Joseph Smith, Mormon Beliefs During Liberty University Speech

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MissDaisy, he became Mormon because his daughters went to a Mormon stake and felt comfortable there.  The family visited and he felt comfortable and so the rest is history.


He didn't talk religion then. He began a bit before he left Fox (more on the radio), and then really began to focus on it after he left tv.


Mike, Mormons also wear the underwear that is patterned after Masonic underwear (for protection). A good Mormon never took it completely off. Don't know about now, but when I was growing up it was that way.


Beck is also a recovered alcoholic.  He finds solace in the Mormon "church."

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you were Mormon?

No. My mom's best friend's hubby was. We went to their stake (their church) to visit from time to time, until my dad came along and God led us to Open Door Baptist in Lynwood, WA. Even then, we remained friends. Still are today.

When I was 17 I decided I wanted to learn what they taught. My mom okayed the missionaries to come. They teach a set of lessons, with the 7th one culminating in baptism. Well, we never got to the 7th lesson. Heh. Because every lesson, I had questions about why they taught things contrary to the Bible. We spent quite a while on Hell. They came every week for a year. We went through a number of them...the church would move them often so they didn't get attached or confused with other beliefs. :-D

I saw the underwear (helping with laundry) and that is when my mom's friend explained how Mormons believed it protected them while wearing, especially where the marks were. And that they always wore them - keeping part of it on as they bathe and then put clean on. She was not Mormon (had actually been saved as a child in a Baptist church but was turned off when the pastor told her she could now kill her grandma and still go to Heaven. True story! ). I have to be honest...even as a rebellious teenager, I had to laugh at the thought.that God might use underwear with special marks to protect people. It wasn't until about 5 years later that I began learning about its direct links to Freemasonry and the occult (although I knew it was biblically wrong).

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