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Military Intelligence?

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OBama could always drop the sanctions and stop acting as if he cares about Ukraine. Nah, that would be to simple.


America could return to sane policies of being self-efficient, restore our manufacturing base and make our own rockets, military hardware and means of getting astronauts into space. Nah, that would make too much sense!

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I think this has happened because laws have been ignored.  Commercial boats and helicopters for example must be made in the United States.  So if someone wanted to have an Australian dive boat or a French rescue helicopter for use by the government or for commercial use, it must be made in and by a United States company.  Lockheed and Pratt and Whitney were supposed to be making those rocket engines here in the states but that never happened.  


Our options are to resurrect or use the Atlas III or start making our own engines, we have the technology, both Russian and our own to do so.  


This is pure politics.

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God laid it upon my heart to pray for His children in America to repent and return to Him a year before I heard of the name OBama and I've seen clearly why when so many christian's voted for  ''Changes" trusting in man and falling away from God.

if we will repent and return to God He will lead the way.

I continue to pray.     

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Look at our last several presidents and it's easy to see why American continues to go the wrong direction both spiritually and otherwise.


George H. W. Bush was/is a secular Christian. During his campaign for president, try as they might, his staff could barely get him to remember or convincingly say Christian points in an effort to gain the Christian vote.


Bill Clinton was another secular Christian but with some actual Christian appearing ties. He attended a liberal SBC church with a pastor who was willing to preach softly and give Bill assurance that he was okay. During his eight years in office he attended church regularly but was always surrounded by liberal preachers.


G. W. Bush may be saved but if he is he decided to put politics and the ways of man above God. He left his church because his wife wanted them in her liberal Methodist church. At the prodding of his wife, mother and Billy Graham, he dropped the idea that Christ is the only way to heaven. This was the president that went out of his way to declare America isn't a Christian nation, that Islam is a peaceful religion which worships the same God as Christians and Jews. This is also the same president that appointed more open homosexuals to positions in the government than any previous president.


OBama, another secular Christian but one who OBviously holds Islam in high regard and mixes liberal Christianity, Islam and black liberation theology as his religious philosophy. OBama has continued as Bush the Second did with continual declarations of America not being a Christian nation and Islam being equal to Christianity. We all know his track record as president.

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