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Whipping The Bear

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The West may think that it has domesticated and beaten down the bear, chained it up, make it dance and whip it into OBedience. But every once in a while, the bear will take a swipe back at the one holding the whip. This is inevitable. And so long as the West continues with its current strategy, the reactions will only get worse. 




God bless,


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As history shows, there is a fine line between when a nation feels pushed or they feel shoved. Most nations will take some pushing but once they believe they have been shoved, a fine distinction, that's when things can quickly spiral out of control and devastating wars can spring forth.


Already Russia and China are forging a closer connection due to the American and EU actions regarding Ukraine.


One prOBlem that's not often mentioned, is how Putin has declared Russia has resumed what she considers her role as protector of Christianity. True, this is speaking of the Russian Orthodox version but the world typically doesn't make distinctions, they only react with outrage to any form of Christianity that goes against their agenda. Putin has taken a solid stand against open homosexuality, including denying homosexuals adopting children and anything that promotes homosexuality. The NWO PC power players around the world hate this and have vowed to take every opportunity to fight against this, and they are.


Meanwhile, in America the president now openly advocates for full homosexual "rights", including "marriage" and adoption "rights". America has certainly lost the moral high ground here. Not only that, the last two presidents have gone out of their way to declare that America is not a Christian nation. The current president continually pay homage to Islam.


American leadership is leading America wrongly at home and abroad. Whatever moral compass America once had, it's no longer in use today.

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America is also still slaughtering innocent babies, What is Russia doing along that line? The only thing America could possibly have going for her now is how she decides to treat Israel....and I wonder about that. This world is a mess.

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Putin has put in place incentives for families to have children, not abort them.


As well, Putin has made efforts to improve relations with Israel and Israel is responding. This is one of the reasons Israel has given for not backing America with regards to Ukraine. As an Israeli official said, what's going on in Ukraine and between them and Russia really isn't something that effects Israel and they will stay out of it rather than siding with America and risk ruining the closer relations with Russia that has come about since Putin took office.


Not mentioned, but likely in the back of Israeli leaders minds, is how OBama has not treated Israeli leaders well, how he's bowed to and sided with Israel's enemies in the region and how the relations between American and Israel have been cold and strained under OBama.

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Whatever moral compass America once had, it's no longer in use today.


There is no morality without God.  This nation has rejected God and has elected leaders who see themselves as gods who can solve all of mankind's prOBlems.  They're fools.

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