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Yeah this is the way to help people all right!  :verymad:

I think some big wheels in city hall need to hear a few good sermons.  Maybe at least one about, "There but for the grace of God go I."




God bless,


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Didn't you know that only the government should have control of such matters and any needy person should have to rely upon the government for everything? Individuals and charities only think they are doing good for the homeless when really government officials know better. When the government gains sole control over such matters it's so much easier to manage those worthless...what, oh yeah, homeless people...and herd them where the government wants, keep them away from other areas and force them to rely upon only the government.


Some other city started charging homeless people a fine for being in certain neighborhoods.


I think it was last year when New York made it illegal to donate canned foods for the poor, claiming it was due to salt content. It's a good thing the government was there to let us know it's much better to go hungry than to eat food with added salt.


In another case a city government created a new law requiring anyone offering any assistance at all to homeless people had to be registered, purchase an expensive temporary permit and if they didn't they would face heavy fines.


Meanwhile another city changed their zoning laws to force places that helped the poor and homeless to have to close their doors or relocate.


Once the government pushes aside those soft hearted Christians and do-gooders, then maybe they can enact some kind of final solution to rid them of their sub-human prOBlems.

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I was a staff member on a Christian camp for troubled youth and we had a Mennonite out of Pennsylvania who would go around to all the stores and collect damaged food to donate to various ministries including ours. Of course the State of Pa put a stop to that. Threatened the man with jail time if he continued. They said it was a health issue. I don't remember one person on the camp ever getting sick from the food he brought. 


The State of Pa was also after the guy who went around putting up those three crosses you see around along the highways. The man did it for free out of his own pocket. He set up three crosses on camp property yet the State insisted he was breaking zoning laws. He died before they could catch him.

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Government doesn't believe in the myth of separation of church and state.  Their useful idiots repeat that mantra while they take over the things the local churches used to do, such as care for the poor and act as a communities moral compass.  Most governments, especially all levels of American, have set themselves up as god, hungry for pride and power.  

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