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It Is Aprils Fool Day After All.

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Haha!  Wonder who told her that? That reminds me of Mama telling me that Shepherd's Pie was "Daniel Boone Pie" to get me to eat it....I've loved it ever since.

Daniel Boone Pie...that's a great name!  :icon_smile:   My mom assumed that's what was in the packet. She thought the carrots looked like weiners. Heh.

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Funny stuff. Brings back old memories. We actually DID some of that stuff growing up. We cut and hauled many a cord of pulpwood like "poor ol' Marcel", "traipsed" all over the woods and swamps barefooted with the poison ivy, yellow flies, redbugs, gators and cottonmouth moccasins. We coonhunted around the cornfield at night.and I've even had coons climb up the tree with me when I was in my deer stand. Punched one on the backside with my compound bow to get it to climb back down. 

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One of the best local ones was a radio talkshow host who did his show from on board a naval submarine which was sitting at the bottom of the river out front of the city.
He was prOBably the most popular presenter here, and he got real naval personell and interviewed about the running of different parts of the sub.

The plan was to surface the sub when the show ended at 7.45am and he would get picked and taken to the riverbank.

There hundreds of people lining the river bank as the show came to an end......
But no sub ever surfaced in our river.

It is not deep enough anyway.

But he was convincing..... :lol:

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