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Very Simple And Very Elementary!

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Oh, I know that SFIC.  The man with multiple personalities will be booted.  I remember an old movie called, "Sybil."  She had multiple personalities like this guy.  I think they make medication for that.  ;)  You were right when you said, we are nearing the Rapture.

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I went to the Topix forums and searched for posts by this "dollarsbill" that this guy thinks I am.

Think my first post in this thread mentioned Legion being many.  I noticed that "dollarsbill" on Topix mentioned Legion when they confronted him.

I think that s why they confuse me for "dollarsbill." 


I missed my chance.  I could have said, "Make my day."  He may have thought I was Clint Eastwood.  RoFL

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BOB and friends, just because someone refuses to play your little word games does not make them deniers of Jesus Christ. Just sayin'.

Looks like these guys may have moved on, but I'm going to lock the thread anyways just in case.

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