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Your Thoughts On This?

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I saw some posts about Israel and prophecy and things having to do with America.


Just came across this ad in my mailbox from Chick:






By February 1945, it was apparent that the defeat of Nazi Germany was near. The three great powers—America, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union—met in Yalta to discuss plans for post-war Germany.
On his way home, President Franklin Roosevelt met with King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia on February 14. The main focus of this meeting, and what attracted public attention, was the agreement that gave the U.S. favored oil rights in exchange for American protection of the Saudi kingdom.
What did not attract public attention was the discussion between President Roosevelt and King Saud about the move to create a Jewish state in Palestine. The president gave assurances to the king that the U.S. would not support a Jewish state without the approval of the Arabs, which all but guaranteed that the new country would never be formed.
...On April 12, 1945, ...President Roosevelt died. The man who had personally blocked the rebirth of Israel was replaced by Harry Truman, a true Zionist in his support for a new state of Israel. The roadblock was removed and the road was open for America to recognize Israeli statehood. The timing of these events was breathtaking, as God was not going to let anyone hinder the rebirth of Israel. The time for Israeli statehood had arrived.

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Historically that's largely true. It is part of the reason Arab-American relations went so sour. They viewed an about-face in American policy as a betrayal. It is one of the main things that spawned a lot of anti-American sentiment among Islamic radicals/terrorists. This was one of the major points of study and research I had while doing my first master's (it was in Strategic Intelligence/Terrorism).


Whether it was God's providential planning and perhaps Satan's response...I suppose we'll have to speculate :scratchchin:

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