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Wow! Kudos To This Public School Principal...

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Agreed' date=' we are huge supporters of parent lead home schooling and Christians schools (as they answer much more directly to parents). We did that with our children.[/quote']

I just noticed the part about Christian schools answering much more directly to parents. I totally disagree with this. Parents (unless they are academically qualified, and even then only in a very limited capacity) have no business interferring with a schools curriculum and methods. Their influence in that sphere is limited to which school they choose. They should find out what the school teaches and how before enrolling their children there. They have no right to enrol the children and then attack the curriculum and methods afterwards. Math is math, english is english and science is science. Parent's, nor anyone elses', opinions cannot change that. When parents think they know more than teachers (unless the teacher is obviously/blatantly wrong) then the child's education suffers at the expense of the adults' egos.

I know I'm a little biased as I was educated in this manner, but when kids (if and when I have them) reach the age of 12 they are going to the best Anglican boarding school they can get into (after my review of the curriculum of course) and I'm going to leave the rest to God.

You make me laugh, seriously I'm chuckling. You haven't even had children yet and you are an expert. Talk about an ego!

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