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Illustration That Helped Me See The Light. 2Nd Post Moved.

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I was led to the Lord in 1974 by a very smart witnesses application of the perfect illustration for me.  You see, I had given the excuse that "I was not ready for salvation, God couldn't possibly want me, because of all the things I had done and was still doing.  I needed to clean up my life first before I approached God for any favors."  I was working in my yard pruning my plants and fruit trees when he approached me and this is the illustration he gave me on that day that struck home for me.


Lets say one day you went down to the local nursery to buy some more plants and a tree for your garden, and in one corner there was a sign "Fruit trees 70% off!"  When asked why such a discount, the owner said, these trees have lost their identifying tags in shipping; as you can see at this stage, they are nothing more than a stick with a root ball in a bag, we have no way of knowing what kind of fruit tree it is!  Lets say you decide "I like all kinds of fruit, and this is a great bargain and it would be fun to find out what my mystery tree is."  So you bought it and planted it at home.  1st year, no fruit are on its branches, what kind of fruit tree is it?  You still don't know.  2nd year, lo and behold there are oranges all over the tree! Now you finally know it's an orange tree.  Now here's the question...Did it become an orange tree the day it got oranges on it's branches, or was it an orange tree from the very beginning when it was planted?  Of course, it was an orange tree from it's birth.  We just didn't know it was until we saw the fruit it bears.  If we picked ALL the fruit off of it's branches, would it still be an orange tree?  Of course it would, the presence or absence of fruit doesn't change what it is, even if it never bore fruit it's entire life. Garry, when you were born or "planted" on this earth, because of Adam, you were born a "Sin tree", nothing could change what you are, and sins are the fruit that naturally grows on your branches.  If somehow it was possible that you never one time in your life grew even the smallest sin fruit, just like the orange tree with no oranges, you would still be a sin tree.  If as you said, you need to pick ALL the fruit off your branches first by "cleaning up your life", it would still not change what you are...a sin tree.  The bible says in  2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV17  Therefore if any manbe in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.  Christ's shed His blood on the cross as payment for your sin and offers that sacrifice freely to all that will accept.  When you personally accept that sacrifice, God  changes who you ARE, not just your life or fruits!  The old sin tree is dead, and in it's place is a new birth of a tree of righteousness.  Wouldn't you like to put the ax to that old tree now?  I did, right there on the spot.


This by the way makes a great object lesson for the kids during Vacation Bible School.  You simply grab any old stick with branches you find, put it in a bag of dirt, and have oranges ready to hang on its branches later (real, paper, or plastic).  Get the kids to interact during the whole presentation by letting them try to guess what kind of tree it is (I have heard some very interesting and downright hilarious responses from some kids).  It really comes home to them when you complete the illustration.


Your brother in Christ,

Bro. Garry

In His will.  By His power.  For His glory.

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