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Internet Filtering Software

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The wife and I are looking to put in place Internet Filtering software for our home network to make certain our grandchildren and others can not (even accidentally) access questionable or pornographic material.

I haven't got a clue which services out there are the best.

Any of your suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you.

P.S. Could a moderator move this posting to a more seen and appropriate forum?
Done, it is now in the computer forum. BroMatt

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microsoft live have a free internet filter: https://fss.live.com/Default.aspx?mkt=en-us

I've tried both live and k9.. they both are pretty good. Although I don't know how easy to bypass the filter as I don't have a teenager.

You can test it by playing around with it a little. Just try to think like a teen and think of how you would be "sneaky" and try to find something your parents wouldn't want you to look at. If the filter blocks you from doing anything like that, it's successful. If it lets you access something that you wouldn't want a teen boy to look at, then it's not a good filter.

I know some people that tried that with cleaninter.net, and it passed all the tests. It's kinda expensive, though.

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I use http://www.opendns.com (free, works on entire network, but one needs to be somewhat computer literate to set it up correctly).

Simply sign up, select the filtering you want, change your DNS settings to and on your router, and it will block the content at the DNS level for your entire network- even for those that bring laptops over and use your wireless (or neighbors that steal it). No changes are needed on any of the computers (no software needed), since the DNS settings are retrieved from the router, and the router retreives DNS information from OpenDNS, which filters it).

It's not bullet proof. As I said, it relies on filtering at the DNS level, so if someone knew the IP address of a naughty site (who does?) or someone knows how to override DNS settings (most users users wouldn't figure it out, much less know how to change them, and what to change them to), then it doesn't filter at all. But I suppose those that know their way around a computer like that could easily defeat pretty much any filter.

Also, if you have a dynamic IP address, you will need a dynamic DNS updater like No-IP- or else when your IP address changes, OpenDNS won't know who you are and can't apply your filter settings.

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