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Bill Gothard

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If he's following the Lord's leading in this, then no, not odd at all.


I read something last year about there being a lot of success through his ministry in Peru seeing many come to Christ and turn to living for Him.

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Do you think that it is odd that he focuses his teaching as much as he does on marriage while being himself unmarried?

I think it is odd that you think he focusses so heavily on marriage.
He has some good material on marriage, but he has a lot of material covering character, depression, Christian living, and other issues.

I had not noticed an overly great focus on marriage specifically.

By the way, if it is Bible based, it doesn't need personal experience.
And he is not right on everything ;)

I pay so much attention to his ministry that I didn't realise he was unmarried...... (insert embarrassed smiley)

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Basing it on what I remember of him. I could, of course, be wrong.

Yep, and I could equally be wrong.
Impressions are funny things aren't they?

And he does have a fair bit of stuff on marriage. ;)

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I was raised in ATI during my teen years. While it was a positive experience for me, it wasn't for my brother. I have since discovered that everything 'good' in ATI is found in a good IFB church - and is better there, as the church will teach separation as wellas standards, and the gospel too. ATI is ecumenical; for all the bible teaching we got there , it never covered the essentials of the faith. How could it? So many different beliefs weds represented there. Bill Gothard map teaches that God's grace is 'the desire and power to do God's will.' Excuse me? Grqce is God giving us what we don't deserve and can't do/ get ourselves. It is not us doing! There's a website created by ex-ATI students that is very enlightening. I don't agree with all the conclusions presented there (particularly in music), but it's a good place to start to see the problems in ATI.

Btw, of all the kids with their high ATI standards that I knew growing up , the only ones that have retained any of those standards are ones that happen to attend a good IFB church. ATI taught standards without teaching separation (an impossibility in such an ecumenical, para church group), and without the doctrine of separation at the core, standards become just so many legalistic rules.

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