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Las Vegas Cabbie Turns In $300,000 Left In Back Seat - Report

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Las Vegas cabbie turns in $300,000 left in back seat - report
Dec 24 (Reuters) - A Las Vegas taxi driver has been hailed for his honesty after ensuring that $300,000 in cash found left in his cab was returned to its rightful owner, the Las Vegas Sun reported on Tuesday.
Gerardo Gamboa discovered the cash inside a bag that an unidentified passenger left behind in the taxi's back seat early Monday after a successful night of gambling, the newspaper reported.

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There was a case like that where a taxi driver handed in a large amount of money and also another where some one found a large amount in a phone box.


About 30 years ago, a young man who I worked with lost his wage packet, but he said he found £5 on a bus on the way home.  We suggested he want to the police station as someone may have handed it in.  He said it would be a waste of time as no one would do that.  Eventually he did go to the police station and someone had handed it in and he was reunited with his wage packet.  I said "You handed the £5 in, I hope."  He replied, "You must be joking."  Some people.

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It's a shame upon us (society) that such honesty seems to be so rare that it makes news headlines and the honest folks are held up as being outstanding. Such honesty should be common, but I know it's not.


I've never found a huge amount of money. I did find several bills of money on the floor of the post office one day. I don't recall the amount, but it was less than a hundred dollars. Just as in some cartoons where that little devil pops up on a characters shoulder telling them to do something wrong, just as soon as I picked the money up I could almost hear a voice telling me to stuff the money in my pocket and be glad God had provided. I shook that thought off immediately, knowing that's not how God operates, and took the money and turned it in to the postmaster.

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Amazing at the number of people that finds money lost by someone & keeps it saying the Lord has provided this for me while thinking finders keepers, losers weepers!


I may be behind in the times, an old fogy even, yet I still feel honesty pays off in the long run.

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