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What Version Internet Explorer?

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When you pull up an Internet Explorer and press the Alt key on your keyboard does it show a menu bar at the top?


Inside that Help Menu should be an option for About Internet Explorer.

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Click on the question mark at the top right hand side of your IE browser, them click on "About Internet Explore ." On the window that pops up it will tell you your version.

I downloaded Firefox and it seems Quote works with this.


However, about every other click it seems a full page add for something comes up while using Firefox. This is rather annoying and in one of the adds there was a girl wearing only a tiny bikini trying to sell some herbal pill or something, I didn't leave that window open long enough to find out.


Is there a way to get rid of those ads?

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Thank you Dave!


Anyone know how to switch between browsers?

Define what you mean by switch between browsers.  You should be able to click the link to bring up whichever browser you want to use.




Are you referring how to set your Default Browser?

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Your Default Browser automatically loads when you turn the computer on. To switch between the two; first you need the IE and Firefox icons on your windows screen. If you want to switch from IE to Firefox; you need to close (turn off) your IE internet connection and then choose the Firefox icon on your screen. I don't believe you can run both programs at the same time; although I could be totally wrong.


Someone may be able to tell how to install both IE and Firefox on the top taskbar; by which you probably could switch between the two. Good Luck.

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I have not used Firefox in a long while. Although a few weeks back I did try it. i could not get the spell check to work, & I hit many of the wrong keys & I'm in bad need of spell check, so i ditched it & went back to Chrome.


At that same time I tried IE, I had trouble with the copy & paste & finally got that working yet to me its much slower than Chrome, plus everything seems to work better on Chrome.


Each browser has a place on it so that you can make it your default browser.


How to make Firefox your default browser 


How to make IE your default browser 


How to make chrome your default browser 


There is another way to do this yet this is the easiest way.

Hope this helps.

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Internet Explorer is outdated on my old XP machine.  I run Chrome and use AdBlock to kill the popups and on page advertisements.  Chrome for me is much faster than Firefox was.


I dumped google as a search engine because of advice here and use Duck Duck Go now exclusively.

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