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Is President Obama 'too Big To Jail?'

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Is President Obama 'too big to jail?'


This president has no shame. How many Americans know that a cancer patient merely discussing the disastrous ramifications of ObamaCare in public (thereby embarrassing Obama), is now being persecuted by the IRS? 
Yes, it’s true. Bill Elliott is that terminally-ill cancer patient. He was audited by the IRS within days of an appearance on Fox News.
The IRS scandal is far more widespread than the American public knows. It is not just about Tea Party groups. 
The IRS was used by Obama to go after any citizen daring to criticize him in the national media. 
I’m one of those victims. These actions by a president are absolutely criminal. Richard Nixon’s articles of impeachment included the exact same charge of using the IRS to punish critics and silence free speech. But terminally ill cancer patients?
Obama has sunk to new lows. I'm a big boy. What he did to critics like me is disgusting and un-American. But what he did to a terminally ill cancer patient is disgraceful and unimaginable. This president is an out-of-control bully, pure and simple. 
Will anyone show the courage to investigate and prosecute Obama? 

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oh he'll still go down in history as wonderful and groundbreaking, blah, blah, blah, just because he's a democrat and he's kinda black


I'm kind of Indian. My grandmother on my mother's side was full blood. I met some 1st cousins back in the early 90's that encouraged me to get my Indian number as they had, they had all the info I needed, & they said I would get much money from the government. I said, no thanks, they don't owe me anything.


To be honest I believe they were had much more than Linda & I, I suppose it was because of all that Indian money they were collecting from the government since getting their Indian numbers. Hope none of them got a 666!!

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Don't forget, this is nothing new. America has a long history of presidents usurping authority, flaunting the Constitution, bypassing congress, manipulating or ignoring the courts. Massive corruption is also nothing new.


One of many examples would be the administration of President Grant. Corruption and abuse of power ran rampant during his time in office.


Look at the administrations of our second president, of our 16th, of FDR and LBJ, and many in between and since. Corruption, ignoring and twisting of the Constitution, abuse of power.


We live in a fallen, sin filled world full of lost sinners, worldly Christians and an Enemy manipulating them for evil.

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Politics is about compromising, whether democrat or republican, being a Christians is not about compromising, yet many Christians compromise heavily when when supporting a political candidates.

Indeed, which is why the Lord calls us to spiritual, rather than fleshly battle in this world.

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