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Do The Banks Want A Run On The Banks?

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Do the banks want a run on the banks?  They already are not paying interest on savings . . . . why would anyone want to pay them to take their money when a good mattress and a shotgun can keep it safer.


http://drudgereport.com/ and click on Banks threaten to charge for deposits in the middle column.


God bless,


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It will not let me read the article.


I might add our government is going in the direction to make ever citizen use a bank, & will at sometime in the future take all our green backs away from us, & those that don't go along with them will be outlaws, & will be subject to arrest, & will not be able to buy anything, except underground, illegally. For the day of only electronic transactions are coming to us very soon.


Those who buy will probably have to have a chip, or at the very least a plastic card.

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The zero interest has no effect on me, yet charging me to keep my "little bit of money" that I have would, & have a big effect on just about everyone every working person.


I've been wondering about all the banks that are opening up. In the small town down the highway they have many more banks than they did years ago. In fact I remember when there was only one, now we have 5.


And we have several small towns around with a population of 500 to 2,000, with several of them having as many as 3.


Both banks & employers I suppose are trying to get into our pocketbooks.


Wasn't it MacDonald's that started paying by debit card & every time they use that debit card to buy something they have to pay a fee? From what I understood if they went to their bank & deposited the money on the debit card into their bank account that would also cost them a fee.


Us consumers, working people, our law makers in Washington do not work for us, they work for & pass favors  along to the money people who does them favors. So we are just about unprotected.


You’ll Never Guess What Banks Have Started Charging For Now

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