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Go Buckeyes!

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Yes, I am a Buckeye football fan.


Really, I'm not!
I was raised & born in Arkansas, yet I'm not much of a Razorback fan, there's just many more things that are much more important. I could get involved in it, but I do not.
Now my father was a lover of baseball, football, & 100 % Razorback fan. 
In our days before TV I recall him setting in the car listening to football or baseball game, mainly because the car radio got much better reception than the little radio in the house.
Them after we got a TV I recall many times him watching one on TV while listening to one on the radio.
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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Yes, what a waste of time to spend it entirely watching the computer team.

Other than church, I don't give a block of time it takes for a sports game to play to much of anything, outside of (as I mentioned) church, Bible reading/study/prayer, family time (which usually involves some of the previous).


Unless I were sick, I couldn't sit and watch any game for 3 or more hours, and then I'd probably sleep through most of it.

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  • Lady Administrators

My hubby and son are buckeye fans - because they are transplanted buckeyes.  They don't watch the games (we don't have tv. our son does, but he isn't home enough to watch), but they do listen to the games on radio when they can.  My hubby will have it playing while he's working, or he'll turn it on every so often to listen to the score and recap.  


He's been jokingly told before - when he tells someone he's a buckeye (because OH is the buckeye state) - that a buckeye is a worthless nut.  He always tells them that's true, he is a worthless nut, but he's connected to the right Bolt.  :biggrin:

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I watch formula 1 racing when it doesn't clash with church.
The occasional rugby union game ( Go Wallabies)
And every rugby union game my son plays, and every hockey game my daughter plays.

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