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“Questions about promises”


From the beginning of our lives

we’re taught from our parents,

 teachers and mentors, the rules

we’ll need to be accepted in society.

What bills we must pay, the hours

we must work, and how much free

 time we’re allowed.

Like parts in this great machine, this should make us happy, but

Parts break

I done as I was taught,

Doing and caring for all those around in my life,

with little needs or wants

for myself.

Eighteen years , many fortunes given,

Time spent in worry, aggravation and constant pressure

for more from those close to me.

All good things must come to an end,

the free train came to an end.

Then you must learn to make your own self happy

And content with who and how

you are, not how others try and tell you what makes you happy.

Listen , learn and obey the laws

This will help your travels thru life.

And when your life is over,

and all is said and done,

all that’s left is what was done

wrong and what was done right.

Then God will judge our life

what was done well and what was not.

During our time from the End to the


If along the way you ask Jesus to

save and forgive, acknowledging

crucifixion was the price He paid for

our sin, to get another chance to try

and do right

My question is, how are you judged

after you’ve forgotten your promise,

Will God forgive twice?


The answer is Matthew, Chapter 18, verse 22: “Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.”

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Once saved always saved.  There is a repentance unto salvation and a repentance for remission of sins.


The first acknowledges sin for what it is, crimes against God, the latter is done to continue in fellowship with God.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

God forgives if its from the bottom our, {we really mean it}, your heart, & of course if one is saved when they die they will not be judged if they will enter Heaven or Hell, that was decided at the moment that person was saved. And those without a Savior will go directly to hell at their death.

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