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Jesus Still Saves At 80 Years Old!

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As much as this was-is a very sad time in my life, I just need to share!!  I lost my Dad on Feb. 1 2013, but not before he accepted Christ as his Savior on Jan. 22 2013.

My Dad had been ill and I could see his body was weakening day by day.  He had always been a strong independent man who toughed through things, never one to complain but to make the best of what came upon him.  Over the past few years his weekly Sunday morning ritual was to turn on his radio and listen to the program by J. Vernon McGee.  Anyone who has heard this man speak knows that he presented the gospel in his messages.  Dad enjoyed this program and obviously GOD had been opening his ears and softening his heart to hear and understand HIS word.  Just weeks before he went home to be with the LORD, I had asked our Pastor to come and share the gospel.  I knew Dad had been listening to the sermons on the radio but was never really sure what he knew or understood.  When our Pastor asked Dad if he knew that Jesus came to save sinners, that HE had made the way for mankind and if Dad knew that, to which Dad replied "Absolutely"  The Pastor asked if Dad knew where he was going when his days on earth were finished and he then shared GOD's plan for salvation.  Again the Pastor asked Dad if he understood and if he trusted Jesus, to which Dad once again replied, "Absolutely".  I can't begin to tell you how sweet those words were to my ears.  Here was my Dad, 80 years old and the LORD who is definitely long suffering waited for him all those years.  Nine days later, the LORD called my Dad home.  It was a very sad and joyous time at the same time.  Dad was in his home where he wanted to be, with his family rather then at the hospital. I knew in my heart the time was getting closer and as much as I didn't want to loose him, I saw that his body had been failing and he was no longer living life but rather was existing. I saw him take his last breath and he was gone. Here was the man who had given me life, raised me, was my best friend and someone I could depend upon anytime of the night or day.  For 58 years, I had this wonderful man and even though I still struggle with his death, I know he has gone home with the LORD.  One day we will meet again!!!!  I love and miss him so much, but for anyone who is in this situation or has one similar, never give up.  JESUS still saves!!!


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Praise the Lord for his salvation!  I'm so sorry for your loss, but so thankful he was saved before he went out into eternity.  I lost my Dad in Feb. of 2012.  He's in Heaven, too.  And it is a comfort to know that, even though we miss them greatly!

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