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Zimmerman Verdict Spurs Talk Of Florida Boycott, Ignores Other 'stand-Your-Ground' States

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This is purely about race, & the black's that are mad that Mr. Zimmerman was found innocent even without the use of the stand your ground law along with it not being about race. They want to make people suffer, & they want to divide, they want to spite the people of Florida.
If, that is if they used the stand your ground law they would have a bit of a leg to stand on, yet not having used it, & this not being about race, but a man flat on his back with his head being beaten on the sidewalk according to the jury defending his life, they have not a leg to stand on.
They're mad & they want to try & get even while tying to making a martyr out of Trayvon. And who would want their child to grow up having the troubles he had, being found with stolen jewelry & traces of marijuana along with a pipe used from smoking marijuana in his back packs at school & having gotten suspended?
This also makes me wonder about people in the past that has been held up as heroes, great Americans, martyr's, make many of them are much the same as Martin Luther King & Trayvon, except for those God chose to tell us about within the pages of the Bible, of which are the only examples I ever use for I can depend on them being what they're stated to have been.
With all of that said I feel for ALL parents who lose a child in any manner. I know it has to be very tough, a very hard thing to go though. Yet you don't make things better by denying the truth, you only make it worse in the long run while harming many others & your self.
Joh 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
Its always been the truth that sets a person free, no matter what the issue is about.

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So far, of those I've heard talking of boycotting Florida, I would say "Good, thank you for staying away!"


Those who would like to see all the stand your ground laws repealed, if they get serious about pushing for this, will do the same thing they did with the Confederate battle flag issue. They will mainly target one State at a time, while seeming to ignore the others, until they finally bring enough pressure in that State to get their way. At that point they will choose the next State to target. They will follow this practice until they accomplish their goal, with momentum behind them with each previous victory.


At the moment it's yet to be seen if they can effectively organize to pursue such a fight.

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This will be a money making giant for both Sharpton & Jackson, they are quite good at getting fellow blacks stirred up & to stand with them when they speak their raciest speeches. Those two will be fleecing many pockets in the coming days.

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