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Oh and just for everyone here, I finally did receive an infraction on the other forum for "slandering" the NIV. I welcome an infraction like that as a badge of honor, and if anyone would like to complain about it to them, I'll say it again on here:


Question: What Bible Version Do You Use?


Dr James Ach: The KJV when I want the truth, the NIV when I want to roast marshmallows.


That's what I was infracted for and in celebration of that infraction, I'm going to go to the bookstore and buy a 5$ NIV and ROAST SOME MARSHMALLOWS!


I LOVE IT, great quote Doc, may I use this?

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I read that post on the other board.  LOL  Dr Bob wasn't too happy about it. 

I am sure the NIV makes good fuel for roasting Marshmallows or Frankfurters.  LOL.

What's funny about that is the post was made 5 days ago, and he didn't infract me for it until today, after all the angry Calvinists trying to get me banned couldn't document their accusations. Yet they accuse KJVO of being a cult, and permit the pejorative use of "Zionist" against me as a Jew. If it weren't for the numerous messages I've gotten from other readers on there thanking me for not only taking a stand, I wouldn't waste my time.

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I've actually called a few bookstores LOL not having any luck. The only one that the closest one to me has is the NIV Hebrew and English Lexicon, but they want 199 ILS for it, that's too much for what I want it for  :laff cry:  :nuts:

That, my friend, is some expensive fuel.  ROFL

amazon.com has them (used) for 3.77+ S&H

NIV Outreach Bible... $0.01 on amazon.  That fuel might not be too expensive.  A few pages at a time can keep a fire burning for a full bag.

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Auburn, your accusation of Dr Ach being of the devil is uncalled for.






Please show your evidence for this claim.

As to the moderators doing anything, they will.  Maybe you need to cool off before their actions are directed toward you.


I hope they will. I want to be exhonorated and ach exposed for the liar that he so clearly is.

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  • Administrators

We have never taken action on OB for incidents that has happened on another website, and we are very unlikely to start now. It is unfortunate that things like this happens, but as far as I'm concerned this is between them. I realize that part of it has drifted here now, and the staff here will take action if it reaches the level here that it reached on the other Forum.


As far as I can tell with the tools available to me, Auburn88 has only one account.

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Ummm...I can't speak for the moderators, but if they aren't responding it's probably because I NEVER MADE A CHARGE! LOL It is something you made a big deal out of ON ANOTHER FORUM and BROUGHT IT HERE, so there's nothing for them to investigate. 


But, just look at how you started your comment, by calling my father Satan. I'm pretty sure that not only is that against the OB rules, but is quite un-Christian, and says everything in support of the accusations against you for being vitriolic, and with that being said, I'll let Matt handle it from here.


Ummm...I can't speak for the moderators, but if they aren't responding it's probably because I NEVER MADE A CHARGE!


I see. So then, in post #15 of this thread, you didn't say:


"I and several others have our suspicions that Auburn has more than one account."


Incidentally, you're lying again.


For instance, you go on to say "When he first commented me on the thread about "New Argument Againsts Calvinism" Post 29, he used a pejorative jab referring to me as a Catholic."


Not only did I not make a "pejorative jab", I never referred to you as a Catholic.


What's more, I've never "criticize the believers on OB for being "unkind" "judgmental" "unchristian" because we disagree with Calvinism."


To the contrary, I have a great many friends who disagree with Calvinism and are some of the most polite, respectful, and Christlike people you'll ever meet. My criticism of you and your clique was never about your theology, but about your behavior toward those who disagree with you.


And, finally, I have to say that I find it amusing that first, you criticize me for not posting enough but now, you're criticizing me for posting too much.


Do you know what the Bible says about a double minded man?

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

It would be better if the battling parties take their contentions to private areas if they wish to seek reconciliation. If not, then best they not post to or about one another here. This for the sake of peace and a good witness.

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