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 And I don't think Christians have been lulled to sleep by Satan.  I was wondering though what gospel preaching churches was he referring too?  are those stats based on closed Baptist churches only or all churches?


America is an open mission field and national pastors should be support as such.  But many churches don't support church planters in the US as they do in foreign countries.


I am against using national pastors overseas until I know they have been trained and are doing the work first hand.


Many and I mean most are in it for the money from the states and fake most of what they are doing with false stories and pictures posted on face book and such.


I have witnessed this even from foreign Missionaries as well.


When in the field and home I let my wife check my newsletters with instructions that if I am lying remove it from the Newsletter. 


While I am willing to return to the mission field with a desire to start a Christian pre-k through 12 school.  I am also open to his leading a different way.  A local church here opened a position for a called pastor, the money is very little but if called no problem I will do it by faith as I have the work in the foreign field.


America is a Missionfield but you will have to endure hardness because many hearts are hard to the gospel.  kids are being taught their is no god and Jesus is not god or real.  So by the time they get to college they are already atheist.   But their lives are empty and they are looking for some meaning that is why all the tattoos and piercings and body modifications (gender and implants).


Yes church plants in the US are needed very badly but more importantly is sound BIBLICAL doctrines and SOUND APPLICABLE teachings for a life and godliness.

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