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Texting & Driving 'epidemic' Evident Among Teens (& Adults)

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what isn't an epidemic anymore? or a crisis? everything on the news is deemed a "crisis"! When there really is a epidemic (I think of diseases) or a crisis no one will pay heed because it'll sound like everyday news.

Like the little boy who cried wolf.

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I hate cell phones. At 51 years old I finally got my first one last April mainly because my mom broke her hip and I needed to stay informed. Since last April it has a whopping 3.9 hours of total usage, most of which (3/4) is with my brother discussing my mom. I wouldn't even know how to text as I've never done it on this phone. My children do not get cell phones until after they are 18 and can purchase the plan on their own.


It has become beyond ridiculous the dependence people have on these rude devices.


CBS did a simulation similar to the one in the referenced article some years back. They had a young lady drive a simulator without texting and she did quite well. After, she drove while texting and committed numerous violations many of which could easily have resulted in an accident. Asked afterwards if this would make her stop texting while driving she immediately said "no". Welcome to our narcissistic world.


Cell phones whether texting or not have become the epitome of rudeness.


How often do we hear them go off at church during the service? Of course most will then get up causing at least some disruption in their immediate area to answer that stupid call, because it is obviously more important than hearing the message. Do the people calling you not know you're in church? If not, perhaps you need to improve your witness.


How often do we see people, especially teens, texting while the service is in full swing? Tell me that isn't at least a minor distraction to some.


How often have you been in a personal conversation with someone when their cell  phone rings and they say in their mind: "Let me show you how important I feel our discussion is by taking this phone call and completely ignore you for the next five or more minutes"? Have you ever done that?


How often have you been to a store or some other public venue (airports are a place I see this all the time) and people will be talking loud and clear enough for all within 20 or more feet to hear their personal conversation. Some of these even seem to puff up their chest as if telling everyone around them "See how important I am, I am having a cell phone conversation!"


Like many other things in today's age of technology, cell phones CAN be a valuable tool, but any tool used improperly becomes a detriment and that is where we are with cell phones. I for one would be quite content if they were all gathered up and thrown into an incinerator; mine included. I sure wouldn't miss them.

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