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A Friend Who Died Sometime Back

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We had been close friends years back but paths in our lives had taken us different way, & we had not seen each other in quite sometime. I had heard he had cancer & & taken treatments. Them one day I found out he was in our local hospital so I went for a visit. We visited a bit & I could tell he did not feel to very good, & I did not want to stay long. The radiation treatments were so strong that they effected him so that he could hardly eat or drink. And they had told him his only chanced was for these strong treatments.
His name was Charles & I finally said, “Charles you may not think this is the time, but I care for you very much, & consider you a dear friend, I have to ask you this for I hope that one day we will be in heaven together. Charles when you died will you go to Heaven.” He assured me that everything was right between him & Jesus, that Jesus was His Savior. Of course with him being a friend it was very emotional, for both of us. We hugged each other with both of us crying real tears.
Recently I read a sermon in the Sword of the Lord. And please, I don’t want this to be about Methodist. This pastor had an uncle in the hospital & went to visit him. he knew his uncle had been raised as a Methodist yet had not attended church since he left home. He attempted I believe to tell him of Christ, but his uncle was holing onto the baptism that he had as a young boy, & would not let go of it.
Since reading that article I’ve thought a lot about Charles, & the last time I saw him living. Myself, wife, a sister, a son, &  nurse held hands around him saying a prayer prior to taking him to a helicopter to move him about 120 miles to Little Rock. A day lather he died in Little Rock.
Charles & family were Methodist, now I wonder if he was really right with Christ, if he was trusting baptizing in the Methodist Church, or even some other act. At that time I did not fully understand all of the Methodist teachings, & I fear that with my emotions, lack of knowledge may of Methodist teachings may have kept me from telling Charles how to actually have Jesus as His Savior.
Why am I sharing this? Maybe someone can learn something from it, even myself. We must be careful not to let our emotions get the best of us. And especially with friends that attends or belongs to churches that teaches one is saved other than by grace though faith in Jesus.  There's many of them out there with members that's trusting in their baptizing, church membership, even church attendance, good works, & so on, & not actually placing ALL of their faith in Christ & his work on the Cross. We need to be sure if we talk to them in such a setting that they are presented with the truth having the opportunity to truly have Jesus as Savior.

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That's a good reminder. I have family who are trusting in baptism to get them to heaven. Since they were told by a pastor way back then that's the way to go, they think they are okay and don't want to hear anything I have to say on the matter.


I've had friends and co-workers over the years who I came to find out were trusting in something other than Christ alone. Some thought being a member of a certain church was key, others their baptism, some simply thought they were born Christians, a few had said a sinners prayer, and then there are always those who think they are going to heaven because they are better than Hitler.


It's sad, and we do need to explain to them the One and Only Way to heaven, but the saddest part is most of these who already feel confident in heaven are the hardest to reach.

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Right John, especially with people that are close to us, it can be so emotional. And when we have a friend that we love, or even a family member, that's in that condition we do not want to assure them that they are OK with God when they may have a false hope.


Although I suppose some of my brothers & sisters would think even if they have a false hope all we should do is comfort them, never questioning their false hope at such a time as that.

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