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Marine Who Dumped Toxins Felt Illness Was Paybac

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Marine who dumped toxins felt illness was paybac


"CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (AP) — Ron Poirier couldn't escape the feeling that his cancer was somehow a punishment.

As a young Marine electronics technician at Camp Lejeune in the mid-1970s, the Massachusetts man figured he'd dumped hundreds of gallons of toxic solvents onto the ground. It would be decades before he realized that he had unknowingly contributed to the worst drinking water contamination in the country's history — and, perhaps, to his own premature death." For full story




He poured the stuff out on the ground to get rid of it, not knowing all the terrible things it would cause. How many people ave done the exact same thing?

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Could be, & it could be they told him to get rid of it, but did not tell him how to get rid of it. When I was in the Air Force in the late 60's, a jet engine mechanic, I saw all kinds of stuff poured out of the ground. You had no where else to put it.


I suppose back them everyone thought pour it on the ground, it will be absorb, & them it will be all gone.

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He may not have known but I bet ya those who told him to dump it there knew and if they are still around (which they probably aren't) wouldn't ever fess up to it nor be held accountable. This is how the game is played. The small guy bites the bullet.


There's a lake up near Syracuse, NY called Onondaga Lake that was so polluted by all the industries and sewage plants around it back in the 50's-80's that you can't even swim in it now. Those companies and their fat cats and politicians made their money and are gone now but the people living around the lake are left holding the bag.

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