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More soul winning tips

1.  Carry a New Testament
    A New Testament is the best thin to use.  You are not giving them an in-depth Bible study, just leading them to the Lord.
    Many people feel intimidated if you walk up to the door with a big Bible under your arm; they often will not answer if they know what your about.  Some think you ar J.W.’s or Mormon missionaries, and don’t want to deal with it.
    A medium print New Testament that fits inside the pocket of your sport coat (or suit coat) is excellent.

2.  Always smile!
    A friendly smile can go a long way.  It says “friend”.
    Many times we need to put aside our troubles, and not let them show on our face.

3.  Learn the Romans road by heart.
    Often we get nervous or even a bit confused if we do cannot qote the verses.

    Highlight the Romans road in you Bible so that you can find it quickly and easily.  This also allows them to read along with you when you lead them to the Lord. (Many markers will bleed through the page of the Bible,; be sure to use a non-bleeding marker.)

4.  Use their given name, or the name they go by.
    This may not be as important as some of the others, but people like to hear their name spoken when you are speaking to them; don’t over-do it though, this sounds lie a mechanical thing.  If you don’t kn0w the name “sir” or Ma’am” works well to.  

5.  Be respectful, after all you are on their property.  
    Do not criticize a statue of Mary in their yard, or any other object.  Keep focused on your mission.

6.  Always be courteous.
    Remember, your are in the sanctity of their home or domain.  People are cautious when we “invade” the privacy of their home.  

7.  Stay on the subject.
    Often, when leading someone to the Lord, they will ask a lot of questions, I have said at that time, “Mr. _____ that’s a good question and I will get to that in just a moment.”  If you don’t give them a similar answer, you will be chasing “rabbit trails” and may confuse them more when you finally get to ask them if they would like to have heaven as their home, and Christ as their Savior.  Try not to forget to answer their question later though, it was important enough to them to ask about it, and know your Bible so you can give an answer to those that ask of you. (1 Peter 3:15)

8.  Always leave a tract.
    The tract speaks long after you are gone.  It can be there for others in the household also.
    IMPORTANT:  Always familiarize yourself with the tracts you use.  Many tracts are written for specific doctrines, or teachings that are aside from  salvation.  I have seen tracts against Catholics; against smoking; against cursing, etc.  the tract must fit the occasion.  Some tracts just plainly are no good for soul winning.


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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

:amen: Thank you for more excellent points! I keep a large print New Testament with Psalms handy. The print is large enough I can read it without my reading glasses and large enough whoever I am speaking with can read it to if/when I point out a verse or they want to see it themselves.


Being friendly, kind, polite and respectful are all very important. It's little wonder those who witness with a stern look in their face and a tone that seems to be speaking down get limited reception.


Staying on subject is very important. It's easy to get way off subject if we don't take steps to pay attention and keep the subject in front. There is no point talking about cave men for an hour!


I'm glad you mention the importance of knowing the tracts we are using. Not all tracts are equally good to pass to everyone. As you say, some are specific and should be rightly used. We also have to be sure the tracts we use actually present the biblical means of salvation; some are weak or off in this area.


Great post!

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Always have a tract on your person even when not out on visitation. Always be praying for fruit.


1 Corinthians 3:7  So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.
1 Corinthians 3:8  Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Bring someone along with you. It will help give your more courage and avoid the appearance of evil.

We always go in pairs. Impromptu, or leading of the Lord specific witnessing, is the only way I go about it solo. Otherwise we follow the biblical model of going out in twos.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

The last two points were brought out in the post "soul winning tips" which seemed to get less recognition than even this one.


I am glad to hear that someone put this post on Facebook, I don't have a Facebook account, but am always glad to see exposure to the multitudes.

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503 views?!? How does a thread with only 7 comments even get that many views? I don't think it's quite as unrecognized as you think. :wink

Those views are probably  being racked up by the viewers following the link from the Stuff Fundies Like site.


Sorry about the spelling errors, you may have noticed that on most and nearly all of my posts, it says that I have edited it.  I do so to correct spelling errors, because I do believe that it is important.

No need to apologize for spelling errors. If a person needs to run a short comment through a spell checker every time they post, they really need to get a life. It's OK to correct errors when and as you see them, but for some grammatical correctness is a religion that offers no forgiveness for typographical or grammatical errors.


As long as we know what you said, and it's logical, Biblical, coherent, and legible, I could care less whether or not you spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious correctly or not.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

thanks for all the great comments the first thing we do before going out is pray.
witnessing is about the hardest ministry and it takes courage far greater then any supper hero and this courage comes from the love we have for our Lord Jesus to do the will of the Father. let us fight the good fight and let our light out shine bright in the darkness of this world.

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