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Those Crazy Christians

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Those crazy Christians, I was gonna sleep in today

But the church bells woke me up and they're a half a mile away

Those crazy Christians, dressed up drivin' down my street

Get their weekly dose of guilt before they head to Applebee's

They pray before they eat and they pray before they snore

They pray before a football game and every time they score

Every untimely passing, every dear departed soul

Is just another good excuse to bake a casserole

Those crazy Christians, go and jump on some airplane

And fly to Africa or Haiti, risk their lives in Jesus' name

No, they ain't the late night party kind

They curse the devil's whiskey while they drink the Savior's wine

A famous TV preacher has a big affair and then

One tearful confession and he's born again again

Someone yells hallelujah and they shout and clap and sing

It's like they can't wait to forgive someone for just about anything

Those crazy Christians

Instead of being outside on this sunny afternoon

They're by the bedside of a stranger in a cold hospital room

And every now and then they meet a poor lost soul like me

Who's not quite sure just who or what or how he ought to be

They march him down the aisle and then the next thing that you know

They dunk him in the water and here comes another one of those crazy Christians

They look to heaven their whole life

And I think what if they're wrong but what if they're right

You know it's funny, much as I'm baffled by it all

If I ever really needed help, well you know who I'd call

It's those crazy Christians


Brad Paisley

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I've done some looking up on this and found this little nugget.


As Paisley told PARADE, “I wrote it shortly after my cousin-in-law passed away in 2011,” he said. “He was young, and he fought against a debilitating disease. There weren’t five minutes of intensive care that there weren’t at least two church members at the hospital, around the clock, and I remember thinking, what makes people take shifts for somebody they haven’t known very long? Well, it’s belief.



Lets get some popcorn and watch stuff hit the fan!



Dr. Roberson

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Has Paisley started following the Scriptures?

No, it doesn't seem so, but it does seem that he saw Christians actually letting the light of Christ shine through them and it made an impact upon him so that he's considering the matter and his heart seems to be more open now and perhaps a seed was planted.


Hopefully this song will cause others to want to learn more about those "crazy Christians" who live by the Word and of the Christ they serve.


Perhaps one day we will hear that Paisley has been born again.


This song gives testimony to the fact that someone is always watching us and when we are serving the Lord in some way the Lord may be using that to get the attention of those onlookers we probably don't even realize are watching us.

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Well I wouldn't follow the SEEKERs and promote this as an evangelistic tool.  Maybe after he's saved but not now.

No, I don't see this song as an evangelistic tool at all. I wouldn't recommend churches use this song in such a manner. God may use it to help reach some folks who hear it, and that would be good. God may use the bit of interest Paisley has shown here to draw Him to Himself. Only time will tell. So, while the song may benefit some who hear it, it's not an evangelistic tool for the church.

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Doesn't the OP violate the rules against promoting contemporary music?

No promotion of the music at all, only information and discussion of a secular song written because a lost songwriter observed Christians shinging light before men.

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