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Welcome aboard.  I'm currently living in IN, but originally from Seattle.  I've been through Montana and think it's a beautiful state (I'm sorry, though, nothing compares to WA state for beauty  :biggrin: ).  We're glad to have you with us.

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Well, let's see ....... as my profile location shows, I'm under a rock. However, I crawled out to challenge my geography (am I now sufficiently geographically challenged?) and found it to be 410 miles to the nearest Montana border.


I see from your profile that you're in the middle of nowhere --- I'm sorry to here that, I on the other hand am in the middle of everywhere ( it is almost equidistant to Mexico and Canada AND again between Atlantic and Pacific).


You used to be Old Order Amish? My son is the assistant pastor in a Baptist church where the pastor grew up Old Order Amish. 

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No, not from Montana, but years ago the wife & I rode though Montana on our motorcycle. That was in the year 1992. Got all the way to Eureka, Montana, & spent the night. Was going to cross the border the next morning into Canada. But the wife got sick that night, & I thought it best to head back towards home although she thought she would be OK. Enjoyed seeing the country side.



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Totally forgot to do a more personal intro.


I'm a 30 year old housewife, lots of hobbies and interests. Love Bible study,reading,cooking and gaming. Love making friends and having conversations and debates so I'm sure I'll fit in here a bit.


I was Old Order Amish until it came time to take baptism.I was saved a few years later, winding up in an Adventist church with my husband before leaving for the local Baptist church.


Really don't know what to say but that. lol.

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