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Would you like to introduce yourself, share your salvation testimony and explain that curious name you chose, Phil?

He he..."curious name."

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I'm thinking the name comes from the flamenco guitar. Phil, you've been posting this prayer request in other places for a few years at least, now. If you are truly searching for the mate God has for you, He will lead you as you follow Him. Please feel free to post here and let us know more about yourself.

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The only thing I can figure is that:

As stated, his name is Phil C.

Perhaps he is interested in Flamenco music? (Spanish Guitar)

A quick google search shows prayer requests going back at least as far as 2009 and on just about any prayer board he could find, some listing his last name (begins with a C). Either very obsessed or very lonely. For whatever reason, he gets my prayers for peace and comfort in his spirit, and hopefully he will come back and either speak of his testimony, or learn of Chirst's salvation.

IMHO. For what it is worth.

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Speaking of names, why "mkrishna"? Krishna is a Hindu term, having to do (I think) with their god.

I'm just guessing here, but I think Krishna can also be an Indian surname, so it may well stand for "Mohan Krishna", i.e. the person's name.

I can kind of relate to the original poster, but my prayer is for a godly wife (if it is ultimately the Lord's will for me to marry) rather than a "soulmate" as such.

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