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We at Online Baptist are excited to announce a few new features to Online Baptist. We appreciate that you spend part of your online time on Online Baptist and we work hard to make your experience here a pleasant one. Here is few of the features that we have implemented recently.

1) Portal Page - You will notice that the home page has a little different look to it. You will notice that the top includes a few random avatars, the last 5 Topics you've participated in, and recently discussed forum topics. This makes it a little more user friendly when visiting Online Baptist. http://www.onlinebaptist.com

2) Acronym Expansion - Many times newbies on Online Baptist will ask, "What does IFB mean?" We throw around abbreviations all the time without realizing that others may not know what we are talking about. Now,whenever you use one of the abbreviations below, a little dotted line will appear under the abbreviation. When the mouse moves over the letters the full meaning of the word will be displayed.

AV - Authorized Version
AV 1611 - Authorized Version 1611
CCM - Contemporary Christian Music
KJ - King James
KJB - King James Bible
KJV - King James Version
MV - Modern Versions of the Bible
NT - New Testament
OB - Online Baptist
OT - Old Testament
IFB - Independent Fundamental Baptist

3) Ask a Question for guests - This one is still in Beta and was just launched today. This feature will allow guests (No registration) to ask us Baptists any question they would like. Once a question is asked and approved, a post will be made in the forums and any one of us can answer the question. To avoid the senseless debates, the guest can't comment on their question only registered members can. We will see how this works and we will go from there.

As always thank you all for your continued support for Online Baptist. The first ten years has been fun, lets go for another ten.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I havn't been here for some time (years) so was pleased to find all the changes you've made to the site, very aesthetically pleasing, good work, praise God!

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