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I use a Bible with just scripture ---- on it there is no notes............ What I post is from the top of my head to go to and post. God's commentary is GOOD; God is Good.

I generally don't carry a Bible to church. I will notice my wife looking up stuff as the preacher says turn to aa aa nn:nn and look around and watch folks look it up. I just listen and follow along. Some preachers will read a scripture and never preach on it.

I not long ago heard a preacher preaching REV.... A few week earlier he had told me he had never really studied REV....... He went to 2Thes2 and said the great falling away is the rapture................. He's a good guy and a wonderful Christian........... but;;; sometimes..... many will listen to him where they may only criticize me.

The body is made up of many members............ God can use some to reach one group or individual while other are still doing God's will.

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Another good resource for bible study that I find myself using more and more is the NASB Topical Reference Bible by The Lockman Foundation. The NASB Topical Reference Bible comes in paragraph format for smoother reading, contains a 255 page Topical Index, 95,000 center-column references, dictionary-concordance-thesaurus, God's Promises, The Miracles of Jesus, Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ, The Parables of Jesus, Titles of Christ, The Twelve Apostles of Jesus, Introductions to the Books of the Bible, Read Through the Bible in a Year and (8) color maps. This bible contains no commentary or study notes, only the tools you need for an in-depth study of the scriptures, highly recommended for the serious student of the bible.

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I got a new Bible for Christmas this year after lots of looking around I chose from the Local Church Bible Publishers the Classic King James Study Bible with C.I. Scofield Study Notes  Executive series with calfskin leather  I highly recommend the Local Church Bible Publishers for anyone looking for a KJB

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When I am asked if I can recommend a study Bible, I always suggest just a plain, Cambridge text KJV from Local Church Bible Publishers and then something like the "Wilmington's Guide to the Bible."  I am of the opinion that studies and commentaries or other helps should be kept separate from the Bible.  I think it runs too much of a risk of cementing the opinions of men with the Word of God in people's minds.  The only exceptions that I am comfortable with would be Bibles with reference columns down the middle and, of course, red letter Bibles, since they are not changing anything other than the colour of the text of Christ's words..

Keeping the Bible separate form the words of men also saves people from having to purchase new Bibles if they find objectionable content or develop issues with the author of the study texts.  Both of my Bibles are LCBP and they are the highest quality Bibles that I have found and also happen to be the least expensive that I have found.


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