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Thanet, The 51St State?

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An American resident of Thanet wants to make Thanet the 51st state of USA, according to a news report. He says the area is not wanted by the UK.

What is in Thanet?

It has a new art galley in Margate.
It is the major supplier of cauliflowers for the UK.
It has a cross channel port at Ramsgate, but ferries have to navigate a channel through the Goodwin Sands.
It has a single runway airport at Manston with the longest runway in this part of Europe.
It has a large amount of glass called Thanet Earth, not Planet Earth as I thought they said at first. This can produce tasteless, watery tomatoes all through the year.
It has a restored windmill at Sarre which produces stone ground flour.
Ramsgate is about 20 miles from here.
I can't think of anything else.

Do you want it?

The village of Sarre was founded by Hugenot refugees.

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It is called The Isle of Thanet.

In days gone by there was a navigable waterway, the Wantsum Channel, between Thanet and the rest of Kent. These days it is called the River Wantsum and in some places is reduced to a muddy stream.

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Guam or Puerto Rico stand a better chance since they are US territories (actually P.R. has applied to Congress several times for statehood). There was talk at one time (from people ignorant of the necessary structure and expenses involved in being a state plus the historical reason for not having a state able to "claim" the U.S. capitol)of making D.C the 51st state (the state of Columbia).

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