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David Cloud Sword Of The Lord Article

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I wish more churches had sound Christian bookstores. Out here, we have, like, ONE tiny hole-in-the-wall Christian bookstore (that plays Christian rock). Then there are a couple of Catholic stores. That's it. Thankfully this is the age of online ordering. A church could have a wonderful ministry of getting GOOD books available to their people. Of course books aren't free and need to be paid for. The church could just be making sure good, sound material is available for purchase. Otherwise young Christians may not even know where to BEGIN looking online for music or books. I have fond memories of the small bookstore the church I got saved in had. Somebody purchased me some Christian fiction in it, when I was a teenager, and I still have them today. (Well one original, one I had to replace when someone borrowed and did not return.) I don't know that I'd ever read Christian fiction before that.

We have a bookshelf at our church that acts as a bookstore, with books and music offered at cost. It works well, but every time we get a new book we need at least 10 copies, or they sell out in five minutes!

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