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State Trooper Suspended, Nfl Star Implicated In "death Race 2012" On New Jersey

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State trooper suspended, NFL star implicated in "Death Race 2012" on New Jersey

Talk about getting special privileged, a state trooper escort going 100 MPH!

I hope they charge everyone involved.

No doubt, its about who you are, how much money you have, what kind of car or truck you drive, that gets special treatment & privileges.

I'm just happy I'm not among that bunch.

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There was a story earlier about how the NFL and NBA covers for and condones horrible, even criminal behavior, simply because these overpaid athletes are "stars". Not only that, they tend to get special treatment all around too, as if they were royalty or something, with many cops and others rushing to give them special service just because they play a game for millions of dollars.

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I don't think it's the players who demand this stuff. The billionaire owners are the ones protecting their investment by trying to keep their players marketable. Good team owners make way more than they spend in player salaries.

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I disagree in part, many of those expect to be given free passes, that no matter what they do, because they are good sports, they can get by with most anything, & that they deserve the free pass, that they cannot be replaced.

Our head coach at the Universality of Arkansas, found that he didn't get a free pass, & got fired.

And of course, the bosses try to keep, as you say, players marketable, for to them the only thing that counts, is money.

And lets see, Penn. State, cover up, for its about money.

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New Jersey State Police Officers Suspended For High Speed Escort, Lawyer Plans Investigation

Excerpts from the article.

<<“The lawyer for a New Jersey state trooper who was suspended for escorting a high speed caravan of exotic cars to Atlantic City said today that such escorts "happen all the time. ”>>

<<"I had the great pleasure today of nearly being killed by not one, but two Lamborghinis travelling in excess of 110 mph in a NJSP escorted 'caravan' of approximately 30 exotic vehicles," motorist Wayne Gantt wrote in an emailed complaint to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. A copy of the complaints were provided to ABCNews.com. ”>>

<<“Once in Atlantic City, Kennedy said he saw one of the drivers peeling tape off of his license after the dash down the parkway.

Among those participating in the high speed jaunt to Atlantic City was reportedly NFL star Brandon Jacobs, the New Jersey Star Ledger reported.

Charles Sciarra, who is the attorney for Nassry, said "other corporate types and a philanthropist" were also involved, but declined to name names while he was conducting his own investigation.

Sciarra said the drivers were heading to the gambling mecca because they were involved in a charity event. He did not provide any details on that event.

"These escorts happen all the time so the suggestion this was some uncommon event is a joke," Sciarra said.”>>

Of course, the rich, famous, & ect, gets special treatment ALL OF THE TIME. Its the political correct thing to do, give special treatment for such people, that way, you will have the rich, famous, & ect owing you favors. And if you don't give the rich, famous, & ect, special privileged, treatment, it can be a career ender.

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Owners are partly to blame for their willingness to accept prima dona athletes and to look the other way when their athletes act like criminals and thugs, but many of these athletes have come to expect preferential treatment and they demand it.

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