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I edited this testimony in 2006. It was originally written in 2000.


Testimony of Linda




E. Robey

I was born and raised in a reform Jewish home in Cleveland, Ohio. We lived in a Roman Catholic neighborhood, where the Jewish community was called “Christ Killers”. So, for many years, I believed that Roman Catholicism was the standard for Christianity-the Virgin Mary was a nun, and Jesus Christ was a Roman Catholic priest. As a matter of fact, the Jewish people commonly used the name of Jesus Christ as a swear word. It would be years later I would learn that all Gentiles were not “Christians”.

In 1974, I lived in Loveland, CO, across the road from a lady who had been praying for a Christian neighbor-her name is Mrs. Miller. She had no idea that she would be living across the road from a “Jewish” neighbor. We shared rides into town to shop, etc. On one of those trips, she asked me where I went to church. Well, that was a difficult question for me to answer, since I didn’t go to any church-nor did I go to synagogue either. I had been a non-practicing Jew for many years before I met Mrs. Miller. As I mentioned, Roman Catholicism was the standard of Christianity for me--and I believed that all Gentiles were Christians. Years before Mrs. Miller ever met me, the Lord had been preparing her heart to share Christ with me. She had always wondered why the Jewish people had rejected their Messiah-so she studied Judaism for two years-and knew more about Judaism than I did! She shared Bible verses with me and simply shared the love of God with a lost Jewish soul. I was always at her house asking her questions. One day, I asked her this question: “If all Gentiles aren’t Christians, why do they go to church?” Her answer: “They are simply warming the pews!” I thought, “What a concept!” I had absolutely no clue as to what or who a Christian really was. I found out that Jesus was descended from the tribe of Judah-not the Vatican or the Roman Catholic Church! The Jews were looking for a king and a deliverer to save them from the Romans-they were not looking for a Savior to save them from their sins.

The entire town of Loveland, CO was praying for me-I did not have a chance to flee from the saving grace of God. Mrs. Miller would take me to Christian Women’s Club luncheons and to church almost every Sunday-as my husband would allow her to do so. On March 1, 1974, there was a “World Day of Prayer” service at 1st United Presbyterian Church in Loveland, CO. I asked Mrs. Miller if Jews were allowed to attend. She said yes and encouraged me to attend. Now, 35 years later, I understand that the “World Day of Prayer” is an ecumenical event. However, at that particular time, I was ignorant of such things. I really wasn’t paying attention to what was being said during that service. All I could even think about was all the Scripture truths which Mrs. Miller had shared with me during a period of about 6 months. Then everything all “came together” when I was sitting in that church pew..I realized and admitted I was a sinner in need of a Saviour. Jesus Christ died for me on the cross of Calvary. I knew I was going to hell without Christ. I trusted Christ at that service, March 1, 1974. Praise His Name! Hallelujah!

“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew Him notKJV

“All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.” KJV

**Now that I have known the Messiah for 26 years, I am beginning to see legalistic Judaizers in the Messianic Jewish movement. The error of Galatianism is creeping back-subtlety, but nonetheless, it is showing its ugly head. In order not to lose their Jewish identity-and become assimilated into the “Gentile” church, Messianic Jews are separating themselves into Messianic congregations-who worship on the Shabbat (Sabbath) and consider worshipping on Sunday something pagan! Also, when the Gentiles attend Messianic worship services, they are being told that they need to keep the Shabbat and the Law of Moses in order to keep their salvation. There is nothing which I dislike more than that of a Gentile trying to become “Jewish” The Gentiles are being put back under the Law! In order to understand why this is happening, here is a brief explanation:

The first century church was made up mostly of Jews. After the apostles and disciples died, and the Gentiles came into the church, they brought with them some pagan practices-and eventually-at the time of Constantine-the “Jewish” church became paganized and unrecognizable to the Jewish people. So to speak, Jesus the Jewish Messiah became a Gentile to the Jewish people-and Christianity was the religion of the Gentiles. Now, when a Jewish person becomes born again, he/she desires to retain their “Jewish” identity and not become assimilated into the “Gentile” church. Many Jewish people, especially the ones coming from an Orthodox or Conservative Jewish background, are regarded as “dead” to their families when they become born again.. The families actually have a “funeral” and “bury” their family member/s. These people are NOT Jewish anymore because they have become one of “them”-meaning a Gentile/Christian. They are considered “meshumad”-which means “apostate” in Hebrew. This did not happen to me personally-because I came out of a Reform Jewish background, but I have seen it happen to many of my Jewish brethren. My family just thought that I had “caught” some kind of a “disease” and that I would get over it sooner or later. Well, what I caught is the “disease” of everlasting life in our Messiah-Praise God!

It saddens me to see this legalism creeping in-I love my Jewish brothers and sisters in the Lord-and I also love my Gentile brothers and sisters in the Lord. The Gentile believers do NOT need to become “Jewish” to keep their salvation-and the Jewish believers do not have to keep the Law to stay saved either. Sunday worship is NOT pagan-our Lord rose on Sunday, which is the first day of the week. The Shabbat did not change to Sunday--it is still on the seventh day. Jesus is my Shabbat/Sabbath rest. I rest in Him alone. For He alone is the fulfillment of the Law.

**I wrote my testimony in 2000—I’ve been saved for 36 years as of March 1, 2009. I have done a little bit of editing on the other parts, but not on this particular section about my journey out of “Messianic” Judaism. This “Pharisaic legalism/Judaizing” is still going on today. Pray for the salvation of the Jewish people.

Testimony of Linda E. Robey





During the years 1976-----1986, I was not walking with the Lord as I should have been. After my divorce in 1976, I found myself becoming very bitter and untrusting of people---especially men. By 1980, I had become very, very lonely------my 2 sons had been “attempting” to find a Daddy-----so they kept on asking guys from church if they would “marry” my Mom-----I was so embarrassed! Well, to make a long story short, I thought I had “found” the man who God wanted me to marry. However, because I was not walking with the Lord, I was blind to the fact that this man was a drunk-----but at that time, I thought he was a “Christian” drunk----or a drunk who was a Christian----because he “professed” Christ as his Saviour and Lord and went to church. So in November of 1981 I married Charles R. Castleberry----to the disappointment of my sons-----who, by this time, had gone to live with their father-who had full custody. In August, 1986, Charlie fell at a construction site while working as a temp ---he broke his neck and was in a halo brace for 4 months. He was unable to keep a full time job, due to his excessive abuse of alcohol and I had to keep the household going. He went through numerous “rehabs” and AA, etc-----but continued to drink heavily. I saw the handwriting on the wall-----he was headed either for the insane asylum or the grave if he continued on drinking. In the meantime, the Lord was really dealing with me to “let go and quit trying to ‘change’ Charlie, so that he would stop drinking”. It is an extremely difficult to watch somebody you love slowly kill himself. I was into the 12 Step program of AA/Al-anon for 4 years (1982--1986). In 1986, I was reading Dave Hunt’s book The Seduction of Christianity----and the Holy Spirit really began speaking to me while I was reading that book-----it was like someone had turned on a light in my brain. It dawned on me that alcoholism (a euphemism for drunkenness) was not a disease---but a sin----a sin that needed to be repented of---not to be recovering from. When my relationship with the Lord was not what it should have been during those years, it was like I was in a “spiritual” desert. applied to me here when the Lord “created a clean heart and “renewed a right spirit within me”! It was at that time that I began to question my husband’s salvation-------because his “profession” did not line up with his lifestyle---and I saw no fruit of repentance/salvation. I struggled with this doubt for 14 more years-----and when I finally could not take anymore, I left Charlie, and moved to Mississippi (drove by myself 1,346 miles from Denver, CO to Cleveland, MS), in June, 2000. I was gone for 4 months, when on Oct 19, 2000, my former neighbors called me to tell me that they had found Charlie dead in our house----he had been dead for over a week! He died alone-----from alcohol poisoning/acute ethanol toxicity. At first, I felt guilty that it was my fault, but now I know that Charlie chose to drink and die---and nothing I could have done would have stopped him. I now have closure. Even though it breaks my heart, I truly believe that Charlie is now in hell. His “profession” of faith in Christ was false.

“Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” (Genesis 18:25b)

On June 11, 2005, I married Ronald W. Robey at New Market Lighthouse Tabernacle in New Market, VA.

“The joy of the Lord is your strength” Nehemiah 8:10b

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