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Church, Marriage in Trouble

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Our sending pastor and I are visiting with the pastor of a sister church plant to basically shut down the church and try to save his marriage. Church has struggled for more than 8 years with no results, and the pastor has become involved with pornography, theft of his missions support, inappropriate contact with another woman, and his own house is not in order, probably due to everything else.

Please pray that God will work to restore the marriage, even though the pastor has disqualified himself from the ministry, in my opinion.

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Dear God of Heaven Your grace is needed here, Touch the families, this man's and the church, don' allow Satan to win the victory. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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After meeting with the family two nights ago, there were some specific actions that our sending pastor required to try to restore the family. The church will be closed, and the husband was to go through an accountability process. There was no real remorse in the husband for his actions. He said the "right" things, but there was no brokenness.

Well, yesterday, the husband had already violated the pastor's recommendations for accountability and steps toward restoration. Our pastor and I returned to their house last night, and the anger in the husband's eyes was frightening to see. He packed some stuff and stormed out of the house. His 16-year-old son was visibly upset, and the wife was crying uncontrollably.

After the husband left, we were able to calm the wife and son down. We spent some time making sure the wife and son would be safe and providing options to help her deal with her husband.

This situation broke my heart. They apparently have been hiding their difficulties for quite some time, even though my wife and I sensed an uneasiness, but never saw anything. I know God can work miracles, but I fear the family will go through some really perilous times before the husband repents.

Satan is a real creep.

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An update: The husband/pastor was to attend our sending church this past Sunday, but refused to. He says he was treated unfairly by our sending pastor. He indicated that he would attend our church on Sunday night, but didn't. His wife and children attended Sunday morning, but didn't come Sunday night because the husband was supposed to be there. There is some concern that the husband may attend our Wednesday night service tonight; the family will be attending as well.

I'm supposed to be the husband's accountability partner, and we're supposed to talk daily, but the husband hasn't contacted me since Sunday morning. He hasn't returned our sending pastor's call on Saturday. Our sending pastor has directed me to send the husband to our sending church rather than attend my church. It's going to be tough to tell a friend that he's not welcome in our church, even though I know it's for his own good.

Please keep praying for this family.

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