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It already is happening here, just not to that extent yet. Several major American cities have "no go zones", several have areas that might as well be Mexico, some have heavily Muslim concentrations, most have a knowledge of black neighborhoods, etc.

Many have warned about this for decades, myself included, and have most often been called "racist". Meanwhile, Mexicans have been "taking back" a big chunk of America, blacks are far more racist and supremacist than ever, Muslims are demanding and receiving special status and considerations. At the same time, true Christians and whites who speak up are denounced as evil, bigotted, fundamentalist, racists...and worse yet, often specifically targetted for criminal acts.

Until Christ returns there will never be any true unity, everyone getting along and wonderful fellowship. That's man's dream. There will always be one group holding the dominate position in a country, or there will be various groups competing for the dominate position until one achieves it. That's simply sinful human nature. When we ignore what the Word of God says about any matter, we do wrong and make things worse.

Consider the uprisings in the Middle East. Now consider if Muslims launched an uprising in France...then in Germany...England...etc. Imagine virtually all of Europe in a state of turmoil and crisis. Consider the League of Arab Nations demanding Muslims in Europe not be "oppressed". OPEC threatening or even enacting and oil embargo against all European nations and any nation that takes a side against the Muslim "freedom fighters".

What if that were only the beginning of a virtual worldwide state of chaos and war, economic collapse and a period akin to the Great Depression or Dark Ages for much of the world?

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