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Obama made Kenya to sin

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Kenya Gives OBama Abortion, Islamic Courts

I Kings 14:16 'And he shall give Israel up because of the sins of JerOBoam, who did sin, and who made Israel to sin.'

This is what JerOBoam became known for throughout the Bible. No less then 21 times in the Books of I and II Kings does it mention the fact that JerOBoam sinned and made Israel to sin as well. This became his epithet and reputation throughout the nation of Israel. It seems that today we have a modern day JerOBoam running the United States. Not only is he engaging in sin and promoting it within our own borders, but he is even pushing for it to be allowed within other countries as well.

Kenya voted yesterday, August 4, 2010, on a major consititutional referendum which would change large portions of their consititution. Among those changes was a slack in the laws against abortion making it legitimate in the country. Another major change was the addition of Kadhi Courts, which hold to Islamic Shariah law, into their judicial system. The referendum was passed by a large majority with 66% of the nation voting in favor of. However, Kenyans were not the only ones who had an interest in the vote. OBama had $23 million dollars of tax-payer's money sent to more than 60 different groups in Kenya who were campaigning in favor of the referendum. Did you get that? He sent tax-payer's money, OUR money, to another country to help fund abortion and Islam and he did this despite congressional protests from numerous lawmakers. According to Kenyan sources OBama promised the Kenyan government that if the referendum passed it would allow the White House to send millions more in additional government aid.

It is sad enough that the killing of babies has been approved by our own government for close to 40 years, but now we have a president who is trying to push for the murder of children in other countries as well. OBama apparently is not content to take just this country down into Hell. He is moving to take others with him there as well. How sad that this nation which was founded by godly men who believed the Word of God has now turned its back on God and the Bible.

Psalm 9:17 'The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.'

OBama is truly a modern day JerOBoam. He is not content to live in sin himself, but he wishes to bring everyone else down to his level as well. We should pray all the more earnestly for our leaders and those in authority. Pray for their salvation and godly wisdom in their decisions.

In Christ,

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