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Ten Commandments

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I went to a focus on the family retreat and a mars hill (mark Driscoll) retreat both baptist and they said self gratification was not a sin

While I went a catholic retreat and they said genisis 38 condemns it

All who call themselves Baptist are not the same. Some Baptists are IFB, which tend to be more Bible centered, some are SBC, which can range from liberal to Bible centered, some are Reformed Baptist which (as the name implies) hold to Reformed or Calvinist theology, there those who sprang from the Ana-Baptists, General Baptists, and a variety of other Baptists.

No matter what sort of Baptist one calls themselves, unless what they say and do is in line with Scripture, they are in error.

The IFBs and SBCs that I know of all preach against self-gratification. Most IFBs and some SBCs also stand in disagreement with Mark Driscoll on may things.

As for Focus on the Family, that's not a denomination, but an ecumenical organization of it's own which combines psychology, the Bible and other things which on occasion can be right but is often wrong.

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Sam re wrote history

Hillbilly USA isn't center of the universe

According to the bible Rome is

Acts 23:11
King James Version (KJV)
11 And the night following the Lord stood by him, and said, Be of good cheer, Paul: for as thou hast testified of me in Jerusalem, so must thou bear witness also at Rome.

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You're right -------- the Romans need and needed the gospel. For that cause Paul was sent there to preach to the heathen. After all; that is where the temple of satan is. Rome was full of perverts then as now.

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There was a saying in Rome before the reformation, that if there is a hell, Rome is built over it.

This is so apt,

There was a pope who when he ventured out in the streets, no woman was safe,

Then there was the pope who wanted to close all the brothels, and the citizens of Rome rose up and said their wives would not be safe if the priests could not use the brothels.

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Genesis 38 has nothing to do with 'self-gratification'; rather, it concerns the sin of a man who was to give a child to the childless widow of his brother-his sin was in having the sex, but not finishing the act-thus, he committed adultery, by not giving seed.

Self gratification, so-called, is spoken against in 1Cor 7:4, "The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife".

Context is our friend.

as for the ten commandments, we are under nine of them, as they have been, in various places, repeated. The 10th, the keeping of the Sabbath, we are no longer under, as this was specifically given to the Hebrew nation and no one else.

But dealing with it as the ten commandments, that which waas written on stone, let the BIble speak:

"But if the ministration of death, written [and] engraven in stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not stedfastly behold the face of Moses for the glory of his countenance; which [glory] was to be done away: How shall not the ministration of the spirit be rather glorious? For if the ministration of condemnation [be] glory, much more doth the ministration of righteousness exceed in glory. For even that which was made glorious had no glory in this respect, by reason of the glory that excelleth. For if that which is done away [was] glorious, much more that which remaineth [is] glorious." (2Cor 3:7-11)

Notice the commandments, which were 'engraven on stones", are called a 'ministration of death' and of 'condemnation', and is referred to as 'that which is done away'. It is the commandments, representing the whole law, including the 10, which have been done away with, as opposed to the ministration of the spirit, which is more glorious and remaineth."

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