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White or Colored?

White or Colored  

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  1. 1. White or Colored

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I grew up with colored lights so now I like white.

Sometimes I do like single colored ones like blue or green. But mostly white.

I have seen colored trees that look nice but I guess I just got so sick of them growing up.

I just got some pinecone shaped white lights for my little "rustic" trees in the corner and it looks cute!

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I thought this was a racist thread. lol

I like colored lights on my tree but the family tree always has white lights these days because my mom likes to coordinate the tree. Like one year it was silver and blue and this year it's red and gold. She's got boxes and boxes of ornaments and about 6 trees in our house. :P

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I actually enjoy colored lights in other people's yards. We like to drive around and look at the Christmas lights around town. I'm kind of partial to those homes that use the same colors of lights. Not necessarily all blue or all green - I mean their trees and shrubs are decorated with the same colors as their house. I really don't care for the ones that have one blue shrub, one red and green tree, multi-color on the house, purple in the window and yellow around the garage door. KWIM? But even with those, I like to look at lights. People can be really creative.

I really like the icicle lights.

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I like the new LED cool white lights. I would love to see them in sparkles because they look like stars in the sky. The only prOBlem is that I don't think it look good with ornaments that our son made in school and such. I think it will look better in a White Winter theme or something like that. I saw someone using it on their little tree that lost it leaves, it was very pretty and romantic.

So classic warm lights is best suited for our ornaments.

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