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Several Burdens

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I'll post these in the order they happened...

1. A dear friend lost their jOB a couple of months go. They are now old enough to collect retirement but that won't kick in until next Spring. Pray for God to supply their needs.

2. The oldest son (of 7 or 8 kids) of a former pastor of mine was married on 11/09/09. He was killed 9 days later in a vehicle accident. Pray for his family and his bride of only 9 days.

3. The oldest son (17 years old) of a former college-mate of mine was in a severe car accident. His pelvis is crushed and has other severe injuries. The worst one is brain damage. The doctors say the only thing he has going for him is his youth. His brain may heal itself. Of course, we know he also has the Great Physician going for him too.

4. One of the deacons in our church runs an arborist/forestry service. A week ago Monday, a tree fell on him, almost crushing him to death. He has several broken bones all over his body including vertebrae, clavical, pelvis, and badly broken ribs which pierced one of his lungs. He now has pneumonia in both lungs which is only complicating matters. His wife is physically ill and exhausted from the ordeal. His children haven't been allowed to see him at all because the hospital has a policy right now that no one under the age of 18 is allowed to visit anyone at all in the hospital. They did this to try and help prevent the spread of flu.

All of these people are Christians. Please pray for God's glory to be revealed in their life/death and that the parties involved will know God's grace, mercy and peace in their lives.

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